September Beauty Haul

Hi Ladies

September was a good month for beauty shopping, and a bad month for my bank account! There were just too many new products launched, and I couldn’t help myself. I have a range of goodies, from ‘drugstore’ finds to MAC and even some from overseas. I will try and group them as best as possible, so that they are not all over the place, but brace yourself, because this is a long post!

Let’s start at Dischem

Physicians Formula Argan Wear

How pretty is this Argan Wear Range from Physicians Formula, as well as the Nude Wear Foundation. I was initially worried about the colour, since the Argan Wear BB Cream and the Nude Wear Foundation only coming in light and light/medium. But I am happy to say that light/medium suits my skintone perfectly! The little foundation brush that is included with the foundation is tiny, so I am not sure if I would use it, but it is really pretty! Oh, and the Argan Wear BB has an spf 30, perfect for summer! I also bought the blush and bronzer, they have a slight scent to them, and it seems as if the gold is just an overspray, nevertheless they look stunning!

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Foundation

I also bought this Eyelash Booster from Physicians Formula, it works as a black liquid eyeliner, but with lash boosting qualities. Sounds interesting! Will give feedback once I have tried it.

Catrice Cosmetics New Releases

Next up are some new Catrice goodies I found. The Kohl Kajal is amazing! There is also a lash boost, brow wax and illuminating pen. I also picked up the new bronzer, blushes and Chocolate Nudes eyeshadow palette. There were also some awesome new brow products and liquid lipsticks.

Essence South Africa New Launches

I also found some new Essence products, Liquid Lipstick and Shading Powder contour palettes. There were also some new eyeliners which I didn’t get, but they looked really nice. I will do a full post on the new Essence and Catrice launches soon.

Dischem Beauty Haul

I picked up this Bare Foot, Foot Balm from Freeman, it is amazing! I also found what looks to be a dupe of the cult favourite Lucas’ Papaw ointment which we don’t get in SA. It is called Ozzies Paw Paw, it smells great, is quite moisturising, and I think it was only about R40. And, lastly, the amazing tube of Creightons yumminess! I am planning a post on affordable but indulgent shower products, so I had to buy the Creightons Argan Body Shower Cream to add to my review, right?

Freeman Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask

I love Freeman masks, so I had to try the Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask

LA Girl Blush Palette Pinky

Last month I bought three of the LA Girl Blush Collection Palettes, and I didn’t buy the Pinky one. But this month I decided to just buy it, for ‘review’ purposes. I also bought the LA Girl Pro-Prep Primer and the Cala Bamboo Fan Brush. I previously bought the normal Cala Fan Brush, but the bamboo one is so much softer.

CALA make up brushes

I also bought the Cala Bamboo Crease Brush and Cala Blending Brush. The Crease Brush is great for setting concealer under the eyes.

Freeman Facial Cleanser

The last bit from Dischem are these Freeman cleansers, the Blackberry Gel Facial Cleanser, Avocado and Oatmeal Foaming Cleanser and the Dead Sea Minerals Foaming Cleanser. The Blackberry Gel disappointed me unfortunately, you can read all about it here. I also bought the Charcoal and Black Sugar Polishing Mask.

And that is all from Dischem, let’s move onto Clicks

Claire's Make up Brushes

I found these super cute Claire’s Brushes at Clicks. The Foundation Sponge is my favourite, you can read more about it here. I also picked up the Cat Eye Eyeliner, which reminds me a bit of the Benefit Push-Up Liner, but it doesn’t compare at all unfortunately.

Oh So Heavenly Clicks

I also picked up some Oh So Heavenly Fragrance Mists, I went into detail about these here.

Oh So Heavenly Product Reviews

Some more Oh So Heavenly products, as well as a Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter from The Body Shop.

Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm

I picked up some lip products too from Oh So Heavenly. Do you want to know how the Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm compares to EOS, read about my comparison here. The Pure Honey and Almond Oil Lip Butter is really nice and moisturising, but the scent makes me nauseous.

Next up, PicknPay

Creightons Frizz No More

I bought this Creightons Frizz No More Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Dry Cream. How cute is the packaging? The Blow Dry Cream smells amazing! I love this brand, it is affordable and good quality, and their scents are amazing!

Cafe de Bain

I also bought the Cafe de Bain Softening Shower Cream in Sweet Vanilla Madeleine, do you want to smell like heaven, use this in the shower, I am not kidding! Interesting fact, Cafe de Bain is part of Creightons, no wonder they smell so good! There is also a Cherry and Almond Frangipane scent in the range, which I hope to find in SA soon. I also bought this Body Spritz from The Beauty Factory I think.

Next up, The Body Shop

The Body SHop Spas of the world

As most of you will know by now, the Spas Of The World Range launched at The Body Shop recently, and I had to pick up some goodies. I decided on the Hawaiian Kukui Cream, the Japanese Camellia Cream and the Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil. They all smell amazing. Although they are slightly more expensive than the usual body butters, they have benefits for body and mind, so I definitely think it is worth it. The Tahitian Orchid Massage Oil smelt amazing, but I prefer a moisturising oil more than just a massage oil. 

The Body SHop South Africa

I also bought the Amazonian Wild Lily Fragrance and the Jasmine and White Frangipani Spritz, both smell amazing. I love Frangipani, it reminds me of holidays on the beach in Thailand with my boyfriend, and the smell is amazing too! I also picked up this Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue, because I intend on maintaining my soft feet post peel. You can read more about my foot peel here.

The Body Shop Oils of life

Oh, Oils Of Life from The Body Shop. I love oils, so I am really excited about this range. I bought the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion and the Intensely Revitalising Cream. There is also a Gel Cream in the range, but I am not a huge fan of gel face creams, I find them tacky, and not moisturising enough. I am hoping the Essence Lotion lives up to the current Korean Essence hype that is going around.

And my order from Gerard Cosmetics finally arrived.

Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders

I ordered the Gerard Cosmetics Star Powders in Audrey, Marilyn and Lucy. Definitely looking forward to these. Good news, I have an extra Audrey for one of you… Giveaway or Blog Sale ladies?

REN Wake Wonderful Night time Facial SOuth Africa

I was eagerly awaiting the launch of the REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial, and it is finally available in SA, so I had to buy it. I took advantage of a special they had, where you can buy the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask limited edition 75ml for the price of the 50ml. You also receive 20% off the Night Time Facial. So, I paid R975 for both, instead of about R1400. You can check out the REN website here.

Lastly, I have some makeup!

CLinique take the day off

My boyfriend bought me the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, and I bought the Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup.

MAC Prep and Prime CC POwder

I also bought two of the MAC Prep and Prime CC powders, I bought Adjust and Recharge. I also bought the MAC Matchmaster Concealer.

MAC Cosmetics South Africa

I also bought two MAC Casual Lip and Cheek Colour, one Cremeblend Blush and one Pro Sculpting Cream. The Pro Sculpting Cream is a perfect contour product, but the colour in this picture looks really off.

MAC Comfort Creme

Lastly, I bought the MAC Skin Brightening Serum and the Studio Moisture Tint, and my boyfriend bought me the MAC Complete Comfort Cream.

And that is that Ladies, thanks for reading through my long post!

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  1. Lucinda Singh

    *An epic beauty haul*
    Love the products you purchased… really interested in those brushes by Claires. Im going to hunt in Durbs Clicks to see if we have them lol. Loving the newbies from Body shop, the smell of Japanese Camellia Cream is amazing although i havent purchased anything yet. Looking forward to a review of them and the Oils if you do one. xo

    1. admin

      Thanks Lucinda. The foundation sponge is great! I will hopefully be doing a review of all my products in this lifetime 🙂

  2. Sophia

    WOW That is one totally awesome haul omw. 🙂 Looks heavenly. Watching your blog sale as always 🙂

    1. admin

      Thanks Sophia, it was quite an epic beauty haul month!

  3. Nisa

    Oh my gosh now that’s what you call a HAUL!!!

    Everything you picked up looks so amazing. I have the Argan blush but it’s too pretty to dip my brush into. Freeman Masks are an absolute staple and the MAC Comfort cream is really great for dry skin.

    I ordered Lucy from Gerard Cosmetics and still waiting for it to arrive. I’d love to buy Audrey from you if you decide to put it up for sale.

    Mwah ***

    1. admin

      Hehe, thanks! I know, I also haven’t touched the blush or bronzer yet 🙂

      Awesome, I have quite a few things that I need to add still

  4. R Fourie

    I have to start with WOW!!!
    So many stunning products ……….. I own the following:
    Cala Bamboo Crease Brush – beautiful, soft brush and very affordable
    Essence Liquid Lipstick in Beauty Secret – not pigmented enough for my liking.

    The Essence Shading Powder in Light (01) was sold out – I cannot wait for your review on that.

    I love the packaging of Physicians Formula – sooo pretty!

    Enjoy your products 🙂

    1. admin

      Hehe, thanks. It is awesome. I am not sure which two shades I got, but they seemed pretty pigmented to me. Oh no, I am really excited to try the shading powder. Hopefully they restock soon. Too pretty to use!

  5. Candice

    WOW so many products! I definitely want to get some more Freeman face masks

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. admin

      Hehe, I have a problem! They are amazing, and so affordable. And I like that they come in sachets. I recently bought the diamond mineral mask, it looks really nice

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