New from The Body Shop: Christmas, Candles and Lipstick Colours!

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My love for The Body Shop is well documented here on the blog, and whenever there is a new collection or a new product, I rush out to get it! Recently The Body Shop has really upped their game, especially with their skincare and makeup products, bringing the first affordable Essence Lotions, Shade Adjusting Drops and Cushion Foundations to South Africa, and now introducing Matte Liquid Lipsticks too. And let me not even start with their fragrances and candles! Today I will be sharing my top picks from the new products! Let's start with makeup! I bought two of the…

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July Beauty Favourites!

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Today I am sharing my July Beauty Favourites with you... and I have a few empties to share too. I bought this Gatsby Nano Million Scrub overseas, but I have seen a couple of Gatsby products at Dischem. I love this scrub, even though it is aimed at men! The grit is so fine, and it leaves my skin looking and feeling smoother and more refined without being too harsh. It has a fresh scent, and if you are a fan of fine but intense exfoliating, then you will love this. The grain reminds me a bit of The Body…

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The Simple and Affordable Remedy for Dry Itchy Skin

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This winter has been harsh on my skin, and to be honest I haven't been that kind to it either. Lack of energy, paired with the cold meant laziness, heaters, hot showers and dry air was the order of the day. Also, is it just me, or is moisturising during winter the worst activity ever? I just want to pull on my warm onesie, soft skin be damned. Although I can't say I was that bad, I still moisturised at least every second day and most of the time it was every day, but still my skin was not happy. But I…

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