New from The Body Shop: Christmas, Candles and Lipstick Colours!

My love for The Body Shop is well documented here on the blog, and whenever there is a new collection or a new product, I rush out to get it! Recently The Body Shop has really upped their game, especially with their skincare and makeup products, bringing the first affordable Essence Lotions, Shade Adjusting Drops and Cushion Foundations to South Africa, and now introducing Matte Liquid Lipsticks too. And let me not even start with their fragrances and candles!

Today I will be sharing my top picks from the new products!

Let’s start with makeup!

I bought two of the brand new Matte Lip Liquid (R85) in Crete Carnation and Cali Gerbera. I also wanted the shade Nairobi Camellia. but unfortunately they didn’t have stock. They are pigmented, comfortable and smell amazing! It has a bit of a mousse texture, and applies really well. These are a steal for the price!

I received two shades of the Eye Colour Stick (R160) in *Nevada Gold and *Siberian Quartz, I also have my eye on the other two shades, Cairo Granite and Cyprus Bronze. These are creamy and blend easily, and can be used for a subtle or dramatic look. You can use it all over the eye, or as a liner, and once it sets, it does not budge. They are so easy to use, no need for brushes, just apply, and blend with your finger, or leave as is for a more intense look.

The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid

Next up I have some new odds and ends.

I absolutely love the Spa Of The World range, it is a bit more expensive, but I find the scent and feel of the products are so luxurious, that it is totally worth it. There are a few new products, Brazilian Cupuaco Scrub-in-oil and Atlantic Seaweed Gel-cream, and of course the candles (R250)! I bought two candles, the Hawaiian Kukui and Japanese Camellia, they both smell as amazing as the creams.

The new Pinita Colada range with its tropical pineapple and coconut scent is perfect for getting you in the holiday spirit.

Lastly, there is a new product in the Oils Of Life range, The Intensely Revitalising Eye Cream-gel (R195). This range is amazing, with a facial oil, sleeping cream, and essence lotion, and now an eye cream what more could anyone ask for?

Spa Of the World Candles

Now, it’s Christmas Time! Nearly every year for Christmas The Body Shop comes out with an apple and berry variation, last year there was Glazed Apple, Frosted Plum and Frosted Cranberry. This year a new scent, Vanilla Chai has been added, so we have Vanilla Chai, Frosted Berries and Spiced Apple. Each flavour has the usual suspects, body butter, scrub, lotion and shower gel. And, the exciting additions are the Candles and Shimmer Mists! There are also super cute gift sets available.

New from The Body Shop: Christmas, Candles and Lipstick Colours!

I was sent the Frosted Berries *Shimmer Mist (R200) and *Body Scrub (R190) and I bought all three Body Butters (R170), and the Vanilla Chai Scented Candle (R220). The Frosted Berries range smells really nice, it is fresh and isn’t too sweet, and the Shimmer Mist adds a bit of sparkle this festive season. The scrub is nice and fine and does a good job, I just wish it was in a tube like the Strawberry Body Polish, instead of a tub which gets messy. The Spiced Apple smells so much better than the Glazed Apple from last year, it has a more sophisticated woody fragrance. Lastly, Vanilla Chai, what’s not to love, Vanilla and Cardamom are a warm spicy combination, and I like that the vanilla is not too strong making it overly sweet.

The Body Shop Christmas Collection 2016

There is currently a 3 for 2 special on at The Body Shop until 24th December I think, as well as 50% off on the Christmas Goodies from today until Sunday. So, if you need to buy any last minute gifts, definitely check out the Spa Of The World Candles, Christmas Collections and Oils Of Life. Oh, and the Elixirs of Nature fragrances, I haven’t bought any of these yet, but they are pretty high on my wishlist. My favourite scent is Kahaia White Floral, followed by Swietenia Fresh Floral and Nigritella Oriental Orchid.

*Press Samples

What is on your wishlist from The Body Shop?

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  1. Nina b

    Hi Azraa, nice collection there! The lip liquid is amazing but they were sold out of Crete Carnation 🙁
    The cushion foundation is also nice. I like their skincare too. It is one of the best value for money shops with their frequent good sales plus cash back card and also testers for everything…unlike drugstores. Vanilla chai is yummy

    1. admin

      Yip I love the body shop! The one I wanted was also sold out but they said they will be restocking soon. I bought the cushion foundation but haven’t tried it yet. The skin defense is also great!

  2. R Fourie

    I would like to try the Eye Cream-gel.

    Everything from the Body Shop smells like heaven 🙂

    1. admin

      It does, I always come out with more than I wanted just from smelling everything!

  3. Lucinda Singh

    Oooh I so want those new fragrances, they smell beautiful.. I smelt some a week ago. When i walk into the Body Shop i just wanna buy everything 🙂 The Christmas editions are really nice as well xo

    1. admin

      My boyfriend bought me the fragrance is wanted. So my wishlist is complete now! The vanilla chai is my favourite!

  4. Valencia

    Lovely post.Omg the bodyshop should setup an online store gosh.I only got the Vanilla Chai body butter,it smells divine

    1. admin

      I know, I wish they had an online store too! The vanilla chai is my favourite!

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