Oh So Heavenly Duping!

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I am sure you have all heard of Oh So Heavenly (OSH) by now, that amazingly scented and affordable brand you see at Clicks?

Well, they have a couple of new products that caught my eye recently, and I thought I would share my thoughts with you. (They might not be that new, I might just be delayed, just saying)

Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm EOS Dupe

So, let’s first jump into the obvious dupe looking products!

Oh So Heavenly Strawberry Smooch Bubble Balm

First up, the EOS dupe. There are three flavours of the Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm; Strawberry Smooch, Chocolate Caress and Cupcake Kisses. I have only tried the pink one, but I definitely want to get my hands on Cupcake Kisses.

EOS Strawberry Sorbet vs. Oh So Heavenly Strawberry Smooch Bubble Balm

As for packaging, you can see this is an almost exact dupe, down to the lettering on the top! A clear difference is the OSH balm is pink, and the EOS balm is clear, the colour doesn’t really carry through to your lips though. As for the scent, they both have a strawberry type scent. The major plus for me, besides the price, is that the OSH is way more moisturising! It isn’t as waxy and does a really good job of moisturising the lips, not just coating it. And of course the price of R22, compared to R90 makes this a must!

Oh So Heavenly Strawberry Smooch Bubble Balm EOS Dupe

Verdict: Get yourself an Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm, and save yourself R70!

The Body Shop Dupe Oh So Heavenly

Next dupe is the Oh So Heavenly Softening Hand Cream. I think there are three scents available, I bought this one and the berry one.

The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream vs. Oh So Heavenly Softening Hand Cream in Blossom Bliss

Packaging wise, these are both housed in metal tubes, although the lids differ. The Body Shop cream has SPF, which is a huge plus, and is missing from the OSH cream. As for scent, The Body Shop always wins with scent, although the OSH cream has a pleasant floral scent. As for moisturising, the OSH cream is way richer and more moisturising, more of a hand butter than a hand cream, but without the greasy feeling. The Body Shop Cream is R120 for 100ml and the OSH is R20 for 75ml. The Body Shop Cream I have was part of a trio, so it is a smaller size than the full sized one.

Oh So Heavenly

Verdict: Price and moisture wise, Oh So Heavenly definitely! But I do like the spf part of The Body Shop Cream. If you already use sunscreen for your hands, then Oh So Heavenly for sure. If you don’t use sunscreen, then definitely go for TBS during the day, and Oh So Heavenly during the night, since it is more moisturising.

Beauty Sleep Collection from Oh So Heavenly

This scent is what dreams are made of, the Oh So Heavenly Beauty Sleep Collection! If you haven’t smelt this yet, go do it now, I can guarantee you will fall in love. I love this range for a bit of an in-bed pamper, I smooth the Oh So Heavenly Overnight Success Regenerating Hand Serum on, spray the Soothing Pillow Mist on the tops of my blankets (I do not want to damage my silk pillow case, and I don’t want my face to be lying on fragrance mist) and shake some Cool Comfort Softening Lavender Talc over my pj’s. Oh So Heavenly!

Bath and Body Works Fragrance Dupes

I also picked up some fragrance mists. The Fragrant Feelings Calm and Collected one is amazing, I spray it around my room more often than I spray it on me, even though it is a body mist. Either way I love the scents, yummy and affordable!

Do you have any OSH recommendations for me?

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  1. R Fourie

    Did you manage to get the purple one yet? Must be the most popular one of the three.

    1. admin

      No, still not! And I checked at another Clicks too! Oh, and by the way, about the Matte Lippies you asked about, I forgot I actually have two Bourjois matte lips which are highly pigmented on my blog sale.

      1. R Fourie

        I saw the Bourjois matte lips. I wish I had the confidence to wear that bright colours – but I prefer a nude / light pink / mauve / peach lip. I am on the hunt for a Matt lip, good pigment and long lasting. I see that Bourjois Rouge Edition get good reviews. 🙂

        1. admin

          You should check out the new Catrice Liquid Lipsticks, they have nude ones, not sure if they are matte though. Also, I finally found the purple bubble balm, yay! I have tried the Aqua Lacque from Bourjois, it is really nice.

  2. Galaletsang

    Im definitely going to try the balm

    1. admin

      It’s amazing! I am on the hunt for the purple one still

  3. R Fourie

    My favourite OSH Bubble Balm is the purple one – Cupcake Kisses – Vanilla !!! You have to try this one 🙂

    1. admin

      I am still looking for one, my Clicks only had the strawberry and chocolate ones. Sigh!

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