A New Retail Box Secret Box is coming to town!

Hi Ladies

I love a bargain, as you might already know, since I have an entire page here on the blog dedicated to Great Bargains! When that bargain involves luxury premium hair products, and sometimes even makeup, I am there in a flash.

Retail Box Secret Box 17 is launching early next week, so keep your eyes peeled, because it is a goodie! It is aimed at dry/damaged hair, but no matter your hair condition I think you could benefit from this range.

Retail Box Secret Box 17 #rbsecretbox

I am a huge fan of the Retail Box Secret Box, I have bought 9 of the past 16 boxes, and I will continue to do so, regardless of whether I need more hair products or not! P.S. I do not!

The Secret Box is filled with premium professional hair and beauty care products, those Fancy Salon Only Products. The box always contains deluxe travel sizes to full size products, I have never been disappointed by a box! #RBsecretbox is sometimes for specific skin and hair types and colours, so if you have thick hair like me, we are obviously not going to buy a box that is specifically for thin/fine hair. There is no set price for the box, it varies depending on what’s inside, but no matter the price, I can guarantee that the value of the box will be at least double what you pay for it. The boxes are limited, and it goes fast, and I mean real fast. Like Gone in 60 Seconds Fast! The boxes are released about a month apart, but there is no specific date, which makes it even more exciting to get your hands on one.

What I love about Retail Box is the next day delivery, orders over R500 are free, or else delivery costs R50. Oh, and the whiff of the box, if you have ever received a package from Retail Box, you will know the scent I am talking about!

This time around, the lovely ladies at Retail Box sent over the Secret Box 17 for me to review, and I will be revealing all once the box is up for sale next week. And believe me, you will have serious FOMO if you don’t get yourself one, and I know what that feels like, since I missed out on the amazing Secret Box 16. Keep an eye on the Retail Box website here, as well as their social media pages here, here and here, where they give out hints about the box, as well as announce when it is launched.

Below are a couple of the past boxes I bought to get you in the mood!

Secret Box 15

Retail  Box Secret Box 15

Secret Box 12

Retail Box Secret Box 12

Secret Box 9

Retail Box Secret Box 9

You can also have a look at the Retail Box Blog here for all the past secret boxes, sigh at box 16 and box 14.

May the force be with you to get this box!

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