Retail Box Secret Box 17- The Big Reveal!

Hi Ladies

I am finally able to reveal the contents of the Retail Box Secret Box 17.

Retail Box Secret Box 17

Told ya it was a goodie!

We all know this famous turquoise and white brand, right?

Well, if not, let me fill you in.

At Moroccanoil®, their passion is empowering beautiful transformations. They started with the original Moroccanoil Treatment which revolutionized the haircare industry. Their antioxidant infused, nutrient rich, innovative formulas are unmatched and provide dramatic results. That is why salon-exclusive Moroccanoil is preferred by professionals and consumers alike — because our products simply work.

And work they do!

I have previously used a couple Moroccanoil products, and I absolutely love them. They smell amazing, and make my hair feel so smooth and silky, I can’t help but touch my hair constantly.

This box contains a full haircare routine, you really don’t need anything else. And because the products are so good, you only need to use a tiny amount. I have thick long hair, and I used a dollop less than the size of a R5 coin of both the Shampoo and Conditioner and 2 drops of the Oil on my damp towel dried hair, so these products will last quite a long time, depending on how often you wash your hair. I have a very simple hair care routine. I shampoo and condition my hair every two to three days, apply some leave-in treatment or oil, put my hair in a top-knot and go to bed. I hardly ever heat style my hair, or brush it for that matter. I only brush it while my conditioner is on, because I have wavy hair, brushing it loosens the waves, and makes it look all sorts of crazy!

The Retail Box Secret Box 17 was sold for R350, but the value of the products are R749. The box contains Moisture Repair Shampoo 250ml (R270), Moisture Repair Conditioner 250ml (R280) and Treatment Oil 25ml (R199). Although the Shampoo and Conditioner are primarily for weakened and damaged hair, I think it will benefit all hair types. This formula is free of sulfates, phosphates and parabens and is safe for colour treated hair. And the Treatment Oil is just the most amazing thing, it is a very light fluid and is suitable for all hair types, it is absorbed instantly, and leaves hair silky and shiny and smelling amazing!

I suffer from a dry scalp, which is really annoying, because it sometimes flakes, and because I have jet black hair, it is very noticeable. I found that using this range benefited my hair and my scalp. My scalp felt soothed and not dry at all. Both the shampoo and conditioner are rich and creamy, but they spread surprisingly well. The conditioner is really smoothing and detangling. Detangling is very important to me, since I only brush my hair while it has conditioner on, and it was so so easy! After rinsing off the conditioner my hair felt silky soft, but not weighed down or greasy. After towel drying my hair, I warm a couple of drops of oil in my palms, and then apply to my hair from mid-length to the ends. I then lightly rub my hands over the top part of my hair with whatever little bit is left on my hands, this really helps with fly-aways and reducing frizz.

I highly recommend the Retail Box Secret Boxes. I went into detail about the boxes, as well as some peeks into my previous boxes here. The boxes are an amazing opportunity to try some luxury premium hair products at about half the price. Although there are no set dates for the release of the boxes, they are usually about a month apart. But you should keep an eye on the Retail Box website here, as well as their social media pages here, here and here, where they give out hints about the boxes, as well as announce when they will be launched.

Unfortunately this box is already sold out, there are a limited amount of boxes for sale each time, and they usually sell out within a couple of hours of being launched, but keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

Were you lucky enough to grab yourself one of these?

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  1. R Fourie

    I am not familiar with the Retail Box or any other subscription box. Thanks to your blog I will be able to join in the conversation 🙂

  2. Ayesha Bhayat

    I was lucky enough to get one and I love it.
    It was mostly thanks to reading about it here before the release date that I remembered to keep my eye out so thank you

    1. admin

      Oh yay! I am so glad Ayesha! It is a wonderful box, and so worth it!

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