January First Impressions

Hi Ladies

It is time for January First Impressions… Actually it is about two weeks past the time, but let’s pretend I am on time.

I tried heaps of products in January, and I enjoyed most of them…

I will start with Makeup, then Skincare, Haircare, Body and Fragrance and Random stuff at the end.

Revlon Colorstay Lipstick Review

I received these Revlon products ages ago in a press drop, and I just hadn’t gotten around to using them. But I am glad I finally did. The Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipsticks* are so rich and pigmented, and I really enjoyed using them. Although they have a suede finish they aren’t drying, which is really great too! The Colorstay Lipliners* are quite nice too, although the lightest shade is way too light for me, the darkest shade works perfectly with the Fuschia Lipstick. I was really surprised by how much I liked this Luxe Creme Eye Shadow*. Who knew?

Catrice Alluring Reds Lipstick Swatch

Next up, some awesome products from the new Essence and Catrice Collections. I did a full review with swatches on the Catrice Alluring Reds and Essence Valentines Who Cares already, so I won’t be going into much detail, except to say that I really like all the products I bought.

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Review

Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Makeup is a really light foundation that perfects skin without too much coverage. I really like this for hot summer days. The MAC Matchmaster Concealer is a creamy stick concealer, and works great on the under-eye area.

Real Techniques South Africa

Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush works really well as a stippling blush!

I have been using the Real Rechniques Multi Task Brush with liquid and cream foundation, and it blends flawlessly.

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush also works really well with liquid and cream foundation. I have been loving using it with the Revlon Instafix Foundation.

Maybelline Color Tatoo

Cyber Colors Duo Eyeliner has a pencil on one end and a liquid eyeliner on the other. It is really pigmented and long lasting. Unfortunately this isn’t available in South Africa.

I have been using the Maybelline Color Tattoo on both my upper and lower lids and it works really well. I really wish we got more colours of these!

Catrice Lipstick Floral Coral Review

When I received these Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipsticks* I couldn’t wait to try the pink one on the right, I knew I would love it! And I did! It even featured in my January Favourites.

MAC CC Powder Review

The MAC Pro Sculpting Cream was too light for me, so it is on my Blog Sale. The Cremeblend Blush and Casual Lip and Cheek Colours are awesome! And the CC Powders in Adjust and Recharge are really great for setting concealer.

Revlon Instafix Foundation

I am loving these Revlon Instafix Foundations* so much! You can read my full review here.

Now for some Skincare and Haircare!

Nip Fab Glycolic Fix Review

I have started using the Nip + Fab Skincare Range.  The Glycolic Fix Cleanser, Scrub and Serum are amazing! The texture of my skin has improved, and I am really happy with this range.

Kiehls Micro Dermabrasion Review

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Mask is a nice gentle mask that does a good job of deep cleansing without stripping the skin and drying it out. I paired this with a sample of Kiehl’s Micro-Dermbrasion which is one of  the best at home exfoliaters, The Body Shop Vitamin C Scrub comes in pretty close too! If you are not a fan of scrubs or if you have sensitive skin, then this product is not for you.

Sisley Face Mask Review

Sisley Facial Mask and Cleansing Milk are both suited for sensitive skins, and don’t really do much for me at all. They are both creamy and gentle, and okay, nothing to get excited about.

Essence Face Strips Review

Essence Pure Skin Purifying Face Strips are awesome! Using these on my nose gives me great satisfaction!

Beauty Treats Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub is really nice. It has a creamy moisturising effect, and does a good but gentle job of exfoliating the lips. These are really affordable, and come in the yummiest of flavours. You can find them at Dischem.

Oh SO Heavenly Bubble Balm

I am not a fan of the Dexe Lip Balm, but that is because of the mint scent. It is moisturising, so I should perhaps try another scent. I love the Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm in Cupcake Kisses, it smells amazing, is really mositurising, and so affordable. I did a full review on the Oh So Heavenly Bubble Balm already. Oh So Heavenly Moisture Burst Lip Balm is really hydrating, it has a very subtle scent, and I have been using this daily, so that says a lot!

Freeman Sparkling Pear Mask Review

Freeman Sparkling Pear Pore Cleansing Mask, which for some weird reason made my eyes water. Like really really water. Has anyone else experienced that? It made my skin feel cleansed and fresh, although a bit tight.

The Balm Balm Frankincense Cleansing Balm is a tiny tub of cleansing balm, and I think it is a bit expensive for the size. It is nice, but at the end of the day there are other just as good cleansing balms out there which are way more affordable. My personal favourite is The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter.

MVP which is a DCT dupe I found at Dischem smells exactly like DCT, but is a bit thinner in consistency. It doesn’t mositurise as well as DCT either.

Dirty Works Hand Cream smells amazing, and is pretty moisturising. I think Dirty Works is a great affordable brand!

Dry Flaky Scalp Shampoo

I bought this Wella SP Balance Scalp Shampoo and Mask, and it really has helped my dry scalp. I find the mask a bit of a mission, since it is meant to be applied to pre-shampood, towel dried hair. Who has the time to hop in the shower, wet their hair, hop out, towel dry their hair, apply the mask, wait ten minutes and then hop back in the shower and continue? Well, I guess I do when my scalp is dry and irritated and screaming for help!

Soy Tri Wheat Sexy Hair Review

I bought myself a Tangle Angel, and I am really loving it. I have always found the Tangle Teezer to be a bit awkward to hold, is is just me? This brush has the same effect, but is just easier to hold.

Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave in Conditioner smells a bit weird, but works amazingly well. The smell doesn’t last for long at all, so it doesn’t bother me much. And my hair loves this, it leaves my hair soft and manageable and frizz free!

MAX Fix Spray Dupe

The MOD Makeup Spray and Protective Oil Spray are amazing, you can read more about them in my January Favourites.

Lastly there are some Body, Fragrance and Foot Products!

Essence Like A Rebel Queen Review

The Body Shop Moringa EDT smells amazing! Moringa is really what dreams are made of. I wish there was a Moringa Scented Candle!

Essence Like a Rebel Queen Fragrance is from the Essence Valentine Who Cares Trend Edition and smells really nice.

Creightons Argan Body Cream Review

Creightons Argan Body Shower Cream and Body Cream smell amazing, but I find the Body Cream wasn’t moisturising enough at all! Really disappointed in the cream.

Bath and Body Works South Africa

The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet smells amazing, obviously, and does a good job of mositurising, even though it doesn’t feel like it. It has a sort of powdery feel, that doesn’t feel hydrating, but actually is. Does that even make sense?

The Body Shop Argan Body Butter is nice and moisturising, but I couldn’t stand the scent, so I stopped using it after one use.

Bath and Body Works South Africa
Bath and Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum smells like Armani Mania. I love the cream and fragrance mist, and I really wish we had this brand in South Africa!

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Review

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter, Lip Balm and Hand Cream. I love the scent of this range, so yummy! The Lip Balm is really nice and hydrating, so is the hand cream. For some reason I found the body butter wasn’t as hydrating as every other body butter from The Body Shop. Anyone else find this?

Clicks Electronic Foot File Review

Lastly, a foot saviour! The Clicks Electronic Foot File is awesome, affordable, the refills are cheaper, and it works so so well! If you are looking for an electronic foot file, and don’t want to spend R400, then this one from Clicks is the answer!

Well done if you sat through the whole post, and thank you for reading!

*Press Samples

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  1. Lucinda Singh

    So many beautiful products… would like to try the Revlon Instafix Foundations next… Thanks for a great post Azraa x

    1. admin

      It really is amazing! So easy to use and gives flawless results.

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