The Anti Aging Skincare Edit + Giveaway

Since turning 30 earlier this year, I have been putting more of an effort into my skincare routine, especially the type of products and ingredients I use. So today I will share my Anti Aging Skincare Edit with you.

Anti Aging Skincare Edit

The first and in my opinion one of the most important anti-aging super stars, is Retinol. Retinol helps to kick-start the cells into working properly and producing collagen which helps the skin look healthier and plumper. Retinol is one of those products that only once I stop using it do I notice a huge difference in my skin. My skin becomes dull and clogged. The *Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair is a good starting point, since it comes with a buffer cream, so you can minimise the irritation and slowly build up the intensity by reducing the portion of buffer cream used. Although this is a low percentage retinol, I still feel a slight tingle, but nothing uncomfortable and no skin reactions.

Next up is a serum. I bought the Clarins Double Serum a while ago, and I really like it. I think it is best for normal to dry skin though, as it is a bit of a rich oily serum, and 1-2 pumps is more than enough. My skin looks plumper, healthier and more radiant, and I have been using this daily in the morning for about 2 months.

Anti Aging Skincare Edit

When it comes to day and night creams, I like to keep it simple. Something that is nourishing and plays well with my serums. I don’t want a cream that negates the effect of my serum. This day and night combo from *Skin PhD works well with both my serum and retinol, and doesn’t bother my skin even after a Dermapen Treatment. It is quite soothing and nourishing.

Products to use for aging

The most important anti-aging product you need, before any actives or serums, is sunscreen. Sun damage can not only cause pigmentation, but it can also speed up the breakdown of collagen, etc. Luckily there are quite a few sunscreens on the market for all skin types and tones. This *Oil Free Matte version from Dermalogica is great, it sits well under makeup and is a great option for normal to oily skin. It also doesn’t leave a white cast. This L’Oreal UV Perfect is unfortunately not available in SA. It has a thinner fluid consistency, which reminds me a lot of the La Mer and Nivea sunscreen fluids. It doesn’t leave a cast, and gives skin a healthy radiant glow.

The getting old skincare edit

Lastly, a bit of a pamper. An enzyme exfoliant is a great option to get rid of dead skin without scratching or damaging the skin as a scrub would. This one from Saloncare is affordable and you can see a visible difference after use, skin looks brighter and more refined. And of course a mask. I have already spoken about this soothing and hydrating *Aloe Unique Gel Mask. I love to apply it before bed, and wake up to plump, hydrated skin.

The getting old skincare edit

And now for a Giveaway! I have an Aloe Unique hamper to the value of R980 to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Aloe Unique Giveaway

There are four ways to enter:

Follow Aloe Unique on Instagram

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Follow Prettifulblog on Twitter and RT the Competition Tweet

Comment below telling us what you love about Aloe Unique

Do one, do all, each option counts as one entry!

*Press Sample

Only open to SA residents.
All entries will be verified.
The Giveaway ends on the 17th August 2017 at midnight, and a winner will be chosen shortly after that.
Aloe Unique will send out the prize to the winner

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  1. Vanessa Christiane

    Just loving my prize, thank you so very much, it’s already made an amazing impact on my skin! Thank you once again for the fabulous competition, I would actually love the entire range 👄😇

  2. Vanessa Christiane

    Oh yea! I’ve entered the Aloe Product give-away which would be fabulous due to my extremely dry skin/Psoriasis… I was just checking out your give-away tab – do I’m init and hoping to winit! It would be the perfect range for me – fabulous prize! Holding thumbs 😉

  3. Vanessa Christiane

    I only believe in anti-cruelty products and use only them specifically be in involved with Cansa.

    Glad to say that I used some Aloe from my Garden this morning as my Psoriasis is definitely getting worse with the pressure we are currently under with our Gala Event coming up in less than three weeks.

    Following on all Social Media Platforms as was set out in the Rules on both the Prettifulblog and AloeUnique as well as Twitter

  4. Cathy Badenhorst

    I have very sensitive skin so the paraben-free products of Aloe Unqiue would be ideal for my skin type without any fear of an adverse effect occurring. Love that is a proudly SA brand as I love supporting local brands.

  5. Vanessa Christiane

    Aloe being a natural healing ingredient, when required I normally use straight from my Garden (living along the Garden Roote) most households have a variety of Aloe in their gardens and as I cook at a guest-house I’m forever burning myself.

    Being a Psoriasis sufferer I have many outbreaks during the course of the year, I currently have quite a bad outbreak. Psoriasis mainly surfaces if one is run down or under a great deal of stress and owing to the fact that I am a Cansa Sponsorship Volunteer in the last 16 months I have had two of my own Cupppa’s, and assisted our Eden Cuppa and raised over R130 000 in gifts which were raffled off to raise money for Cansa and was recenently a guest at the latest Eden Cuppa which hosts between 400 /450 guests yearly.

    And I am now assisting a Mrs South Africa Finalist with he Cuppa which is a Gala Event I think that without realising it have been under enormous amount of pressure to find spondors.

    All this whilst trying to run our own business.

    With my Psoriasis, specifically where some of the scabs have come off – the ones generally on my thighs are the most painful as they weep, I have had Psoriasis since the age of thirteen.

    My outbreak presently is really bad as it’s actually spread to my scull for the first time ever and it appears that I have dry scalp but do not – I have one scab that continually flakes – sounds horrible but it’s the plain and simple truth.

    You are more than welcome to check out my Twitter /Instagram Social media pages with regards to my involvement with Cansa, I’m certainly not trying to gain Sympathy or Empathy but truly believe that these products could definitely bring relief to what I experience daily!

    It’s like having Eczema but worse – my entire body itches constantly and I therefore scratch continually.

  6. Valencia Mogashoa

    Honestly their packaging and the fact that the brand is south african

  7. Anisha Singh

    Ageing is optional really. As a thirty something wife, mum, student, pet owner & budding entrepreneur, sometimes it’s a mission to have time to yourself. But when it comes to skincare, I love nurturing my skin and Ageing gracefully. Ever since I was a kid I used to use the gel from my grans aloe plant to soothe my skin. So, yes, aloe is a miracle product for all skin woes. I remember eating pasta vongole whilst in Rome (a romantic getaway turned bad)and breaking out in hives due to an allergic reaction. My skin saviour was aloe gel & it worked to calm down my skin. I am a fan of Aloe Unique as it’s made locally and is bursting with the magic of Mother Nature with no nasties. I love that my sensitive skin will relish every product and I will have a glow that will make even J’Lo jealous:) I am lusting after this Aloe-tastic hamper to simply feel comfortable in my skin. Please wave that magical wand won’t you?

    P.S followed you on Twitter(@anishasingh007)
    On instagram( @anisa_singh_786)
    And loved Aloe Unique pages on Insta and Facebook.

  8. Daniela Cardoso

    love that the Aloe products are paraben-free with natural ingredients

  9. Tanya Manie

    Aloe Unique is a proudly South African product,which is a huge plus in itself as I usually prefer to support local brand.

    I’m turning 30 next year, I’ve never had problematic skin but since last year ive been having endless problems. 30s? I dunno. Have yet to find something that really works 🙁

  10. Azraa Johnson

    Im a cosmetology student so I am all for trying new products. I’ve read up on Aloe Unique products and have yet to try them, also quite impressed! Im all for South African products and keeping my skin healthy. Winter has been so harsh on my skin as it’s become so dehydrated and I’ve been having frequent breakouts so I’m dying to try some hydrating treatments. Aloe in general is magical and I’m hoping I win that prize would love to do a review on it 😀

  11. Riétte van Tonder

    100% Paraben Free and it contains Aloe! Win Win!!

  12. Vanessa Christiane

    Stunning Giveaway and Product Range too – Great Review as always!
    Wishing all entrants good luck!

  13. Petra Van der Merwe

    I love Aloe Unique firstly because it is a South African brand and it’s of high quality and affordable. Their products contains Aloe Ferox which has almost twice as many amino acids than Aloe Vera and no pesticides or chemicals are used on the Aloe Ferox plant – which is indigenous to South Africa. The product contains aloin which has healing properties, is an anti-oxidant and a viral stimulant.

  14. rehana seedat

    Aloe Unique is perfect for my sensitive skin. I love that these products are paraben free, alcohol free and non-poisonous. All steps done. I am Follow Aloe Unique on Instagram @rehanaseedat.5 as well as on facebook. I have retweeted the competition post on twitter @rehanaseedat

  15. Kara Lankers

    Thanks so much for this post! Growing up in the harsh South African sun, I’m already starting to see the effects of sun damage and aging skin! The products you recommend sound incredible – I’d LOVE to try them :)

  16. Roxanne Chutthergoon

    I love that it is all natural, which means it is non-harmful for the skin! Tweeted @Roxi_23

  17. Tracy Jacobs

    It’s a stunning South African product with an awesome ingredient called Aloe which is good for just about everything and I am in the wrong age bracket for lines and wrinkles lol

  18. Tanusta Jainarain

    Aloe is perfect for those with sensitive skin . The aloe vera plant is packed full of healing extracts more than any other plant so this range is getting me excited!

  19. Carolyn Augustus

    I love that it’s natural and has so many benefits for the skin

  20. Vina

    I love that Aloe Unique is a proudly South African paraben free brand which has proven significant scientific studies process the treasure that is Aloe Ferox for skincare and more importantly discover it’s anti-aging properties.

  21. Bianca Balutto

    I havent tried their products but im loving that its paraben free and i absolutely love aloe for my sensitive skin as it helps soothe the skin

  22. R Fourie

    Aloe is good for your skin !

    The products from Aloe Unique are paraben free, alcohol free and non-poisonous. Well done!


  23. Ronette

    I love the fact that Aloe Unique is 100 % paraben free. Thank you.

  24. Janette

    I don’t know the range but would love to try it! I’m also in my thirties, a mom of three and my skin needs some serious tlc!

  25. Sharleen

    The benefits of Aloe are amazing

  26. jade abbott

    I liked the Fb page, already follow you on twitter and I retweeted.
    I love that Aloe Unique has Aloe in it., plain and simple

  27. Carmen van Leeve

    I simply love Aloe products but have not tried the Aloe Unique as yet. You have posted some of these products before and that’s how I recognized the range. I love that its paraben free and contains Aloe Ferox. I find Aloe products hydrating & healing.

  28. Tania Brewis

    Aloe Unique range has been superb, and I have noticed a definite change in my skin. It is not as sensitive and inflamed after exercise. It feels supple and smooth, and my dry patches have disappeared. My T-Zone oiliness is not as pronounced as it was, which is great. I also love the fresh, subtle fragrance of the products.

  29. Aamena

    I absolutely love your blog because its so informative…
    Bought many of the products youve tried and tested and although i havent tried the Aloe range im sure its good based on your recommendation…😘

  30. ann foster

    I love that it is a proudly South African Product, and suitable for sensitive skin , as well as paraben free and alcohol free

  31. Kaylee

    **I like Aloe Unique purely because of the Aloe that it has in it.
    Aloe has so many wonderful benefits , from moisturizing , to anti-aging
    I remember when I was young , my gran always told us about how great aloe is, and to have a product with that in would be awesome!**


  32. Moheni

    Wow, love reading about the Aloe Unique products. Would be so great to try out these natural non harmful products. What a gem of a product.

  33. Shelayne

    I didn’t know about this product until I read your blog. I would love to win this but even if I’m not the lucky one for this prize I would definitely buy this for my skin

  34. Nadene

    Aloe unique sounds like a lovely product from what I have read from your blog. Would love to try them out as I also turned the Big 30 in March. Thanks for your reviews.

  35. Zoleka Ngqebe

    I would like to win this hamper because I subscribe to using and buying South African made products. I have heard plenty of Aloe Unique and am eager to try.

  36. Siobhan Yeatman

    I’ve yet to try the Aloe Unique range, but I absolutely love the very idea of it, and have been wanting to give it a bash for a while now – how could anything filled with such a powerful ingredient be bad!?
    Their Aloe and Honey mask has been on my wishlist since I first saw them start popping up on people’s Insta feeds!

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