Micro-Needling Dermapen Treatment Review

I was asked by Go Beauty if I wanted to review a few salons, spas and treatments, and of course I said yes! If you don’t know what Go Beauty is, it is basically a one-stop to book all your salon needs. You don’t have to call or leave messages, you just select your salon or spa, enter the treatment you want and select a date and time. I was called back by Elfriede from Skin Solutions within a few minutes, and the date and time were confirmed, and that was that. The exact treatment wasn’t confirmed yet, as Elfriede wanted to have a look at my skin before deciding on a treatment, which I think is fantastic! Once she had a look at my skin, a Micro-Needling Dermapen Treatment was chosen. I have been wanting to try this treatment for ages, as I have heard it is great for acne scarring.

Micro-Needling Dermapen Treatment

Once I was there and settled, Elfriede pulled out this little gadget that takes photos of your skins condition and sends it through to her ipad. It looks at early onset of wrinkles and pigmentation as well as elasticity, pore size and moisture and oil content. It then compares it to the norm for your age group.

We then started with a quick face cleanse and applying of the anaesthetic ointment, which needs to be left on for 15 minutes to numb the skin. While we were waiting for the anaesthetic to kick in she also applied a Regim-A peel to my hands.

And now for the Dermapen Treatment. It was surprisingly comfortable, and didn’t at all feel as if spinning needles were piercing tiny holes in my skin. The depth of the needle is adjusted depending on the area of your face and the skin concerns. We went a bit deeper on my acne scarring, as opposed to the rest of my face that only required an anti-aging treatment. It felt like an electric shaver or microdermabrasion across my face, not like needles. Elfriede went over each area three times- horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The treatment took about 15 minutes. The most important part of the Dermapen Treatment is applying the relevant actives, the serums that can now get to work deep into your skin and stimulate healing.

Micro-Needling Dermapen Treatment

There are two main benefits of a Micro-Needling Dermapen Treatment. The first is, by causing micro-injuries to the skin, it stimulates healing and increase your skins collagen and elastin production, which in turn plumps up the skin, basically wiping out scars and wrinkles. The second is to provide a pathway for specific ingredients to enter the skin at a deeper level. The best candidates for micro-needling are those with visible lines or surface scarring. I found this image online.

Micro-Needling Dermapen Treatment

After the treatment some more serum and sunblock was applied. I could not put anything else on my face for the next 5 hours. My skin felt numb from the anaesthetic and looked slightly red and puffy but not where you have to hide away from the world, and I still went on with my day going to the shops, etc. My skin was slightly red for the next 2 days, but so so plump! For about a week after my skin was slightly tight and itchy with minimal flaking, which is the repairing process. My skin also felt a bit rough in some areas, but nothing that can’t be hidden. A week later my skin was back to normal, and looked plumper with my acne scarring less defined…

I definitely want to try a few more Dermapen Treatments, and see what the results are on my acne scarring. Skin Solutions currently has a special where if you buy 3, you get the 4th one free. Which works perfectly for me, since I would then have had 5 treatments, so I obviously jumped on that train. As with face peels, a course of treatments are needed, and 6 is the recommended number. A treatment can be done every 3-4 weeks, and I am up for my next one this weekend.

Tip: You shouldn’t EVER have a micro-needling treatment done over any active blemishes or you risk driving that bacteria deep into the rest of your skin. So ensure you go to a reputable skincare clinic. I was really happy with my treatment with Elfriede at Skin Studio, her knowledge of skincare, as well as the South African skincare industry is impressive!

You can find Skin Solutions on the Go Beauty Website

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*Images from www.mdneedlepen.com and www.essentialbeauty.co/dermapen

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