My Skin Renewal Journey- Part One

A while ago I was asked by Skin Renewal, part of the Renewal Institute if I was keen to experience a few *treatments to tackle any skin issues I may have. Me keen? YES! So, I was booked in for a consultation with Dr Lilliana Gilla Lulli at Skin Renewal Bedfordview. We discussed my concerns (acne-scarring and pigmentation) and the results I would like to see, which is plumping up of the acne scarring so that they are less deep, as well as a reduction in my pigmentation, and an increase in overall radiance. I was then given an extensive treatment plan, which includes Dermapen, Laser Genesis, Photo Dynamic Therapy and some Peels too. It was also recommended that I use the Lamelle Brighter Concentrate to prevent further pigmentation, which I bought, and have shared my first impressions about here. I must also add that Dr Lilliana Gilla Lulli was the most real, down to earth and fun doctor I have ever met! I have treatments planned every four weeks for the next eight to ten months, and I would love if you would join me on My Skin Renewal Journey.

My Skin Renewal Journey Part 1

Here is a summary of my Treatment Plan:

Treatment 1 – Therapist Dermapen combined with Laser Genesis
Treatment 2 – Azelan Peel
Treatment 3 – Therapist Dermapen combined with Laser Genesis
Treatment 4 – Radiance Peel
Treatment 5 – Doctors Pen combined with Laser Genesis
Treatment 6 – Azelan Peel
Treatment 7 – Doctors Pen combined with Laser Genesis
Treatment 8 – Radiance Peel
Treatment 9 – Doctors Pen combined with Laser Genesis
Treatment 10 – Azelan Peel

As you can see from the plan above, the first few Dermapen treatments are with a therapist, and then as the depth of the needle gets deeper, the treatment is done by a doctor.

I did my first treatment with Rene on my birthday on the 5th of March. Rene made me feel very comfortable while still being professional, and we chatted throughout most of my treatment, about skincare, and everything else, and she kept me informed along the way about what she was doing and why, which I loved. The treatment started with a cleanse and then a numbing ointment was applied for 30 minutes. Once numb, (and I mean numb, it felt like I had been to a dentist) the Dermapen needling started, and I felt absolutely no discomfort or pain, it just felt as if something was brushing across my face. Around my forehead I had a bit more feeling, because of the boniness of the area, but it wasn’t painful. The needle depth used was 1.5mm on my cheek area, which is where my acne scarring is, and 0.5mm on the rest of my face and my neck. A serum is applied before the needling to target specific concerns, I had a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Stem Cells.

Immediately after the Dermapen treatment I had Laser Genesis which is a rejuvenation treatment to treat the signs of premature ageing such as redness, large pores, uneven texture, sallow complexion, acne scars and wrinkles. I didn’t feel any pain, even though my skin had just been thoroughly needled. Laser Genesis is pain free and requires no downtime.

After the Laser Genesis I thought I was done, but I was then told that I would have Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) which was not included in my Treatment Plan, but is something that Skin Renewal does for all patients who do the Dermapen + Laser Genesis combo for improved healing. Your eyes are closed and covered, but you can still see the very bright light through, and it took a while for my eyes to adjust, but once they did it was the most relaxing thing, and I almost dozed off a few times. PDT uses a combination of pure visible Blue and Red light and invisible Yellow light to stimulate the deeper skin tissue. Depending on the wavelength and the light used, PDT can be used to improve skin tone and texture, improve healing, clear up problem skin, reduce swelling and bruising post-op, reduce inflammation, speed up the recovery process and can even treat precancerous skin lesions! It was painless and relaxing.

A soothing serum and sun protection was then applied, and off I went with the plumpest rosiest cheeks! Although my skin was a bit red for the next few days, makeup easily covered that, and I could go on with my life, work, etc and nobody would even know that I had had needles pricked into my face the day before. And now for how my skin looked and felt for the next few days:

Day of treatments: Looks plump and slightly red, feels sensitive when washed, and was still slightly numb for a bit after I had left.

Day 1: Skin looks a bit red still, is sensitive when washed and feels rough. There is a slight tight feeling too.

Day 2: Still slightly red, but not too noticeable. Feels less sensitive, but more tight and itchy.

Day 3: Looks flaky and isn’t fully covered by makeup, but doesn’t look terrible. No more tightness, but is itchy.

Day 4: The last bit of flaking, and still itchy.

Day 5: Plump, healthy and bright looking skin. No roughness or tightness.

dermapen treatment acne scarring

So, here is my right cheek before and immediately after my first treatment, you can see how rosy and less dull my skin looks. My right cheek has the most acne scarring, and one prominent pigmentation spot, so follow me on My Skin Renewal Journey, and let’s see how my cheek improves.

I have my next treatment coming up this week, which is the Azelan Peel. I am quite a peel fan, and really love the effect it has on my skin, so I cannot wait to try this one!

For more information on Skin Renewal and the treatments they offer, you can check out the website. They also have a very informative blog which you can check out here.

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  1. shelley

    I would love to do one of these treatment plans! can’t wait to see your final results

  2. Laura Kroczek

    The difference is amazing! Good to see that it worked so well for you! Xx

    1. admin

      I have high hopes for these treatments!

  3. Beky Morris

    The difference after treatment one is amazing! I can’t wait to see how you get on x

  4. Lady Writes

    Wow you can see such a difference after only one treatment x

  5. Kelly-Anne

    Wow that’s amazing after one session. It’s been quite exciting to see.

    1. admin

      Thank you, yip it is going to be a long process with quite a few treatments, but I am really excited for it!

  6. Cole

    This sounds fabulous! The difference in your skin is so obvious! Xx

  7. Thuraya Alhourani

    It’s lovely to see how much you’re skin has improved! Definitely a major difference x

    1. admin

      Yep, it is brighter, and also red because I had just had the treatment. But I am sure the results at the end will be amazing!

  8. Adrienne

    I’m so excited to see your final results 🙂 your skin looks so bright and radiant in the after pic x

    1. admin

      Thanks Adrienne, yip me too, but it will only be in about 8 months, but I am sure it will be worth the wait!

  9. Alice Spake

    I find this so fascinating but also mildly terrifying! xx

    1. admin

      Haha, it is terrifying that someone is going at your skin with a bunch of spinning needles, haha!

  10. Lauren

    I am so impressed by how much it’s changed after just one session! That is incredible x

  11. Rosie

    Such an improvement!! I’d love to get into something like this for my skin.. as I’m getting older it’s changing and I’d love some advice on what to do!

    1. admin

      Yep, I love doing treatments on my skin! It’s just so important to go to a good place

  12. Sarah

    wow what a difference! I hope the rest of the treatment goes well

  13. Alice Fairweather

    Oh this is so exciting! How amazing is the difference, can’t wait to follow your journey! x

  14. Caitylis

    What a great improvement! It really does look fab!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

  15. Annie

    Looks like such a good concept! I hope it all goes really well for you x

  16. Sharon

    Wow! This sounds absolutely amazing!!

  17. R Fourie

    I cannot wait to see the end results 😊

    1. admin

      Me too Reonette, I have high hopes!

  18. Erin

    Oh wow what an improvement lovely you must be so happy! Good luck with the rest, excited to see the results!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. admin

      Yip, my skin definitely looks less dull, but slightly irritated. Will hopefully see a difference in the scarring and pigmentation soon

  19. Corrie Arnold

    I need this so bad! I’m struggling with acne at the moment, I think I’m finally at the stage where I need to go to a dermatologist!

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold

    1. admin

      I had acne when I was younger, and unfortunately I am still dealing with the scarring. Try and get to an accredited skin clinic or derm.

  20. Maisie

    This looks and sounds amaZing! Good luck with the rest of the treatment and I look forward to reading more updates!

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