February First Impressions

Looking through my February First Impressions it looks like this month was a bit slow beauty wise. Let’s just blame it on it being a short month!

RefectoCil Tint Review

I was recently sent a few tints from *RefectoCil, both the original and the sensitive version. The first thing that impressed me was how quick the process was, I assumed I would have to wait about 30 minutes, but not at all, I was done with the entire process in just 5! The applicator included is also very easy to use, and is pretty mess-free. Although it is mostly for at-home brow tinting, and lashes should be done professionally according to the box, I used them on my lashes, both top and bottom, and I am really happy with the results. My lashes are at least a shade darker (from very dark brown, almost black, to pure black), and because I only did one eye, I could see a difference. Also there was no burning sensation, and no eye watering or irritation. I am going to try these out on my mom this week, she has lighter lashes and brows, so I am excited to see the difference! The results from this tint are comparable to the professional lash tint I had last year, I will just wait and see if it lasts as long.

Aveeno South Africa

I picked up a few of the newly launched Aveeno products at Clicks, and I now know why people are so impressed by them! Gentle, soothing and hydrating. My favourite is the Skin Relief Lotion, it is actually almost finished, and may even have replaced my dear Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream!

dermalogica Ultra Calming Duo Water Gel Barrier Defense Booster

I have been using these two new additions to the *dermalogica Ultra Calming range for about a month now. The Ultra Calming range was created to support and repair compromised and sensitive skins, and help prevent against further skin issues. The Calm Water Gel is essentially a burst of hydration. It contains two forms of hyaluronic acid, and turns from a gel into a liquid on application, I am not kidding when I say you can see and feel the difference in your hydration levels. We also have the Barrier Defense Booster, a light oil that can be used alone, under your moisturiser, or mixed in with you moisturiser. It soothes the skin, repairs the skin barrier, and reduces inflammation. I will have a full review of these products once I have used it for a long enough time, but if you have dehydrated or sensitive skin, pop in to a stockist and get a few samples. You will love it!

New Skincare on Trial Pigmentation

The latest Skincare on Trial are all pigmentation related products. The *Black Pearl Face Mousse Cleanser has a very familiar sweet scent that I love. It cleanses well without being too drying or harsh. These two L’Oreal Revitalift products are meant to target dark spots and clarify and renew the skin. The Night Peeling Lotion is an acid toner that you wipe over the face at night, I was really hoping for a tingle but nothing. The Global Care Day Cream with spf is a nice day cream, but will wait to see results. I also have two serums, the Brighter Concentrate from Lamelle and The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA, both have similiar key ingredients, although Lamelle includes additional pigment inhibiting ingredients too. The Lamelle option is definitely superior ingredients and innovation wise, but for pigment fighting on a budget, The Ordinary one is a quarter of the price of Lamelle. The trick with this serum, is that the aim is to prevent pigmentation, not necessarily to reduce it, so it is hard to know if it is working. Lastly, the Island Tribe Anti-Ageing Face Cream, because the best way to prevent pigmentation is sun protection. It is a bit rich, but not too bad, although I would stay away if you have oily skin. I will have a full review on these products in April.

Shades of Autumn Beauty Edit

I love Autumn shades, so what better way to celebrate that, than with a Beauty Edit. I will have a full post with swatches of these products, but for now here are my first impressions. From the *Morgan Taylor Matadora Fall 2018 Collection we have the deep purple creme in Danced and Sang-ria and Mauve Your Feet a stunning mauve nude. Both of these apply amazingly well and are completely opaque in two super thin coats. For lips we have Urban Decay Vintage Vice Lipstick in Bruise a stunning burgundy and NYX Lip Lingerie in Seduction. I love both of these shades, Bruise is more hydrating but less long wearing, and Seduction can last all day without needing a touch up yet is still comfortable. The OFRA Highlighter in You Dew You is a gorgeous champagne gold highlighter, I really do think OFRA make some of the best highlighters! Lastly we have the Laura Geller Baked Blush N Brighten in Tropic Hues a shimmery coral blush that brightens the face without emphasising texture.

MAC Jade Jagger Review

I have already done a full review with swatches of the MAC Jade Jagger Collection, which you can check out here.

If you are looking for a new scent, check out my thoughts on all of these rose variants from The Body Shop.

February First Impressions

Thanks for reading Ladies!

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  1. lameez

    Love the range and will definitely go on my list .thanks

  2. Beky

    I really need to try demrlaogica!! But I can see why you love aveeno it’s amazing !!

    1. admin

      Dermalogica is amazing! I hope we get more Aveeno here

  3. shelley

    I wish I wasnt allergic to aveeno products because they seem lush

    1. admin

      Oh no, that isn’t great. They are really awesome!

  4. Thuraya Alhourani

    Girl I feel like I have a huge shopping list after reading this post! Love all your loving 💞

    1. admin

      Haha, so that is a job well done by me then 🙂

  5. Adrienne

    How great is aveno 🙂 I swear by it!

    1. admin

      It is amazing! I have actually finished two already!

  6. Emma

    That highlighter is gorgeous – what a beautiful colour. I really do need to get myself a highlighter – I still don’t have one! x

    1. admin

      It is so pretty Emma. Oh you need to get one soon!

  7. Issy Belle Fox

    I love Aveeno, it’s my go-to when my skin is being really naughty

    1. admin

      It is such a wonderful brand!

  8. Sal UmmBaby

    I tint my brows at home but wouldn’t dare do my lashes. I am far too clumsy. Great to hear you had success xx

    1. admin

      Hehe, the applicator was so thin, and it was just like applying mascara, but without the bristels 🙂

  9. Gemma

    I need to try more from dermalogica, I’ve heard such good things! Love your photos x

    1. admin

      Thanks Gemma! Yep they make some awesome skincare!

  10. Sarah

    so many fantastic products x

  11. Caitylis

    I just don’t know how you or anyone can have monthly first impressions! Maybe I’m just boring and never venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to make up and beauty! I need to learn to switch it up! But I just don’t know where to begin! I recently bought a new powder highlighter but it seems to disappear after a few hours! Maybe I should try that one, I think mine was only a cheap one!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    1. admin

      Haha, I love trying new things all of the time! Definitely try and start with a new blush or highlighter or lip product as they are easy to slot into your routine. Or even just switch up your body products!

    1. admin

      They are! I can’t believe one is finished already!

    1. admin

      I love it too, is is such a beautiful scent!

  12. Erin

    That MAC collection is beyond perfection, so so stunning! I have been meaning to try Dermalogica too, it looks so good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. admin

      It is such a gorgeous collection, I will be sharing a new one tomorrow too!

  13. Laura Kroczek

    I love Dermalogica and those two new products could be something I enjoy using myself! Xx

    1. admin

      They make some amazing skincare, and these two are great for sensitivity and hydration!

  14. R Fourie

    The NYX Lip Lingerie in Seduction is definetely my kind of shade!

    I am using the RefectoCil to tint my brows over a year now. Quick and easy with no mess. It lasts about 5 – 6 weeks.

    I did not try to do a lash tint on my super sensitive eyes – I am quite happy with the new Essence pink tube Lashes of the Day mascara 👌

    1. admin

      It is so pretty Reonette! Oh awesome, it was my first time trying it and I was so shocked at how quick and simple it was!

  15. Maisie

    I need to check out the new body shop fragrances for sure! Well.. I need to check EVERYTHING in this post out to be honest, it all sounds wonderful! x

    1. admin

      They have amazing fragrances! Haha, thank you!

  16. Kelly-Anne

    I love Laura Gellar. I’m using some foundation at the moment. That blush looks gorgeous

    1. admin

      It is such a lovely brand! Anything you can recommend?

  17. Rosie

    So many amazing picks as ever lovely!! I really wanna try the eye brow stuff!! I need to up my brow game and that seems amazing!

    1. admin

      Thanks Rosie. Yip, I was quite surprised at how easy it was to use!

  18. Beth

    Wow you try such a large range of products I’m very jealous! I received some dermalogica samples a while back and I loveddd it, however for whatever reason I never purchased any more, this post has just reminded me to add them to the shopping cart!
    Lovely post as per usual xxx

    1. admin

      Dermalogica is such a lovely brand Beth!

    1. admin

      It’s so worth it Siobhan, definitely try and check it out!

  19. Lady Writes

    I love the look of the MAC Jade Jagger products so much, they’re my kinda tones x

    1. admin

      It’s a stunning range Chloe!

  20. Victoria

    Ooooo, look at those lovely autumnal colours! I’m a sucker for them because they’re so lovely and natural looking. I don’t know why but I just prefer a more subtle make-up but no makeup look. Just me? That highlighter looks lovely! I’ve been looking for a new one. I have a liquid, but I’m looking for a powder. I am a sucker for champagne gold tones too…. 😉

    xo, Victoria

    1. admin

      Me too! They are so rich and natural!

    1. admin

      You do! They are amazing, and there are so many options!

    1. admin

      Hehe you know me Candice. I love to try things!

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