My Skin Renewal Journey- Part Three

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After ten treatments, eight months and one last consult, I am ready to share the final part of My Skin Renewal Journey. My first treatment was on the 5th of March 2018, and my last was on the 23rd of November, so it has been just over two months since my treatments ended. My two major skin concerns were acne scarring and some pigmentation. The acne scarring was my main concern, as I hated the little ditches in my skin, and wanted them to be plumped up and shallower.  My treatment plan at Skin Renewal Bedfordview included Dermapen, Laser Genesis, Photo Dynamic Therapy…

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My Skin Renewal Journey- Part Two

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It is time for an update on My Skin Renewal Journey, I am four treatments in, and have six left. You can read Part One of my journey over here if you haven't already. The two treatments I will be discussing today are the Azelan Peel and the Radiance Peel. I had both of these treatments done at Skin Renewal Bedfordview, which is part of the Renewal Institute. My second treatment was the *Azelan Peel which is a mild acid peel that has no down time, can be done in your lunch hour and leaves skin looking healthy and glowing. The…

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My Skin Renewal Journey- Part One

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A while ago I was asked by Skin Renewal, part of the Renewal Institute if I was keen to experience a few *treatments to tackle any skin issues I may have. Me keen? YES! So, I was booked in for a consultation with Dr Lilliana Gilla Lulli at Skin Renewal Bedfordview. We discussed my concerns (acne-scarring and pigmentation) and the results I would like to see, which is plumping up of the acne scarring so that they are less deep, as well as a reduction in my pigmentation, and an increase in overall radiance. I was then given an extensive treatment plan,…

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