essence Blossom Dreams Review and Swatches

PSA: A new essence Trend Edition has just launched! I love the limited edition collections launched by essence, not only are they affordable, but they are also super pretty and great quality, and the latest one is no different. So, without any delay here is a review of the products I bought from the essence Blossom Dreams Trend Edition.

essence Blossom Dreams Review and Swatches

The collection is quite big, with face, eye, lip and nail products. There are two nail pigments, a top coat, a nail oil as well as a scented nail file. For eyes there is an eyeshadow palette, an eyebrow lifter and two eyeliners. For lips, there are two lip pencils. Lastly for face, there is a blush, a rainbow highlighter and a stunning highlighter and blush brush that I am yet to see in store.

essence Blossom Dreams Review and Swatches

I bought the blush “call me coral” (“kiss from a rose” is not available in SA, or it may just not be in stores yet), the rainbow highlighter “prism of light” and a velvet lip pencil in “call me coral”.

Swatches from top-bottom:

Blush (R69.95):I don’t really think the blush can be called a blush to be honest, it is far too light and shimmery as you can see in the swatch below. But it works so well as a beautiful highlighter. I love the flower embossing too!

Highlighter (R69.95): I love the highlighter! Not only is it so pretty to look at, it gives a lovely glow to the cheeks. The swatch below is a heavy swatch of all the colours swirled together. Both the blush and highlighter are so fine and buttery with no chunky glitter in sight!

Velvet Lip Pencil (R49.95): This can be used as a lip pencil or as a full on lip colour. It is pigmented, long-lasting and non-drying. It prolongs the wear time of your lipstick and when worn on its own fades to a wearable stain. Plus, how gorgeous is the colour?

essence Blossom Dreams Review and Swatches

Now for the nail products!

The nail oil (R49.95) is a bi-phase oil enriched with sweet almond oil and vitamin e that is applied to nails and cuticles. I have been using this before bed since I bought it, and my finger tips are so soft when I wake up in the morning! It does take a while to absorb, so best to do it before bed to avoid getting anything oily.

And finally, we have the mirror nail pigment (R54.95) aptly called mirror, mirror on my nails… and the waterbased top coat (R49.95). These were the products I was most intrigued by since I had never tried a nail pigment before. The pigment is a very fine metallic powder that contains real silver which is applied to nearly dried polish for a chrome look. It is rubbed onto the nail until smooth and then sealed with the waterbased top coat.

essence Blossom Dreams Chrome Metal Nail Pigment Review Swatches

I used Lace ‘Em Up by Morgan Taylor as the base colour, which is part of the Winter 2017 Collection, The Great Ice-Scape. I waited until the polish was dry to the touch and then rubbed the pigment gently onto the polish. At first it was a bit patchy, but after a few rubs it coated the polish evenly and smoothly. I then applied the top coat and I am quite happy with how it turned out on my first try.

essence Blossom Dreams Chrome Metal Nail Pigment Review Swatches

 What do you think of the collection, see anything you like? I definitely want to get the brush when I see it in store! The essence Blossom Dreams is available now at Dischem, but remember it is limited!

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  1. Grace

    Which Dischem did you go to because I CANNOT find this mirror nail pigment 😭😭

    1. admin

      Park Meadows in jhb. You can check with dischem on Twitter, and see who stocks it, or give them a call?

  2. R Fourie

    The Velvet lip pencil is on my shopping list. Its so pretty 🙂

    1. admin

      It is Reonette! There is also another one, I can’t remember the shade, but I think it was pinker. They are so smooth and creamy and long lasting.

    1. admin

      Yip, it is so pretty! Glad you got two before they were all gone! I am sure your sister will love it!

  3. Vanessa Christiane

    Awesome Review Thanks! Love the entire range of essence! I was actually in Dischem last week looking for their Black & Gold NailVarnish – unfortunately no Gold but managed to get the Black gel nail varnish.
    Scratched around in the bargain bin and found a Glitter Gold on sale – I’m attending a function next month and the dress code is #PureGold so have decided on Black and Gold for the evening.

    Love all of the products – the Cosmetix Group has such pocket friendly make-up I’ve got loads of their goodies, both essence and Catrice. And I’m forever wanting more! Their Collection is continually changing which is just fabulous!

    1. admin

      I’m glad you found your black and gold Vanessa, are you ready for your function?

  4. Nadine

    How do you rub the pigment on your nails? Do you use a brush? Do you just use your fingers? Do you not end up with pigment everywhere?
    Sorry if I sound dumb lol! Just wanted to know before I go out and buy it. It really looks amazing.

    1. admin

      Just lightly with your finger. It isn’t as messy as I thought it would be. I just dipped my finger lightly in the pigment and then rubbed it into the polish. The pigment sticks to the finger quite well so it doesn’t really mess. Oh it doesn’t sound dumb at all, I also wasn’t too sure how it would work. 😁

    1. admin

      It is such a pretty collection!

    1. admin

      They are so pretty right!

      You too Kris!

  5. Amina

    I am still yet to try this brand! I have to say the nail polish ans pigment are definitely my favourite and had no idea Essence did them! Must try!

    Amina xx |

    1. admin

      Oh I love essence, especially the limited edition collections!

  6. Candice Petersen

    This range looks so pretty! Definitely going to look out for it!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. admin

      It is Candice! Just hope to find the brush still

  7. Simone

    The blush looks like a highlighter to me. I totally thought it was a highlighter.

    I will look out for the collection. Would love to try the mirror pigment. I LOVE your pictures!

    1. admin

      I know right! I don’t think it would work as a blush even on the fairest of them all.

      There is also another pigment.

      Thank you!

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