August First Impressions

Happy Spring! I am so glad the weather is warming up, although I will probably regret saying that when it is boiling hot and my eyeballs are sweating! I hope we get some rain soon since it seems as if we have completely skipped Spring and moved straight into Summer. You may have already seen my delayed August Favourites and Haul, so here is my even more delayed August First Impressions. A quick wrap up of all the products I have tried this month. Full reviews for a few of them will follow in the next few weeks.

Mont Blanc Lady Emblem Review

This gorgeous bottle of the Mont Blanc Lady Emblem perfume was a gift from my boyfriend. A blend of floral and woody notes, gives a perfectly balanced scent that is not too sweet, too warm or too masculine. And how beautiful is the bottle?! This is my new go-to scent for a night out.

August First Impressions

I have been trying out a few new skincare products for the past few weeks, and I will have a full review up soon, but for now here are my First Impressions.

I expected the *Lamelle Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser to be a typical foaming cleanser, but it is not so at all. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a foaming cleanser, it is more like a rich gel cleanser. It isn’t drying, it leaves my skin feeling balanced, and it feels silky on my skin. It removes makeup and dirt well without stripping the skin, and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. I really think the word “Foaming” is deceiving, as it usually implies, drying, tight feeling, stripping cleanser, when this cleanser is anything but that since it is soap free.

I bought this REN Micro Polish Cleanser quite a while ago, and decided to whip it out now. As much as this says cleanser, it is actually an exfoliator, as it can’t be used daily, but rather a few times a week. It contains both chemical and physical exfoliators for smoother, brighter skin. I really like this, it gives a good scrub, and my skin certainly looks brighter after use. It does have a slightly rough feel to the scrub, so may be too harsh for sensitive skin.

I expected more from the Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, known as ”The Hollywood 2-minute facial” since it is described as an Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. This similiar to REN above contains both chemical and physical exfoliators, although this has a very fine grit, sort of like a powdery paste. I don’t know if my skin is just too used to active ingredients, but this was a let down, I expected a tingle at least. My skin does feel smoother and look brighter, but I can get that from many other products.

Another product that was a bit of a let down was the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel. This is a two-phase product, with two wipes that you swipe over your face. I had a bit of tingling around my nose area, but nothing intense at all. I guess for an at-home peel it isn’t bad, especially for someone not used to peels, but I wanted more!

The Theravine *Pro Youth Balancing Mist is part of the Pro Youth Range, aimed at teens and early twenties. I am thirty, but I absolutely love this product! It is meant to be sprayed on after cleansing and wiped off like a toner, to remove traces of dirt and pollution. But, I have been using this as a face mist both before and after makeup. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed, with a dewy matte finish. It also smells amazing, like sweets!

One of my favourite skincare brands has a new product out, introducing the *REN Flash Hydro-Boost Instant Plumping Emulsion. This innovative product is a hydration booster that get’s charged with water. So, you apply it to your skin, then wet your fingertips and massage again. The added water helps to super-charge the hydration, and you can really feel the difference! My skin looks plumper and my dehydration lines minimised, thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid and Xylitol.

I bought the Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream because it can be used after minor facial treatments to soothe and restore the skin. I used it after a Dermapen treatment, and it did just that! My redness was reduced, and my skin felt soothed.

The Dermactin Skin Regenerating Lotion is meant to assist with skin-tone and texture, but I just found the texture too thick. I used it a few times, and unfortunately I just didn’t like it.

Lastly, I have the *Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Anti-Ageing Roll-On Mask. I love the cooling roll-on applicator, it is a no mess no fuss way to apply a mask, while massaging your face, it also means you don’t waste much product! You can use this both day and night, but I like to apply it overnight and wake up to plump radiant skin. I also love the scent, it isn’t too overpowering but it is gorgeous, the scent of French Chic perhaps?

Garnier Moisture Bomb

When I attended the Garnier Launch a while back, the product I was most excited for was the *Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask, and they are finally here! I have tried the Super-Hydrating Revitalising one so far, and my skin lapped it up. It is so saturated, but somehow doesn’t drip! It also sticks to my face contours perfectly without falling off, and it isn’t too big that the holes don’t line up with my eyes, nose and mouth. My skin was definitely more hydrated and plumper after use. I am a huge fan of Sheet Masks, and Garnier certainly stepped up!

Revlon Ultra HD Gel

Moving onto makeup, I was sent a few of the new *Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolours a while back, and I am impressed! My favourite shade is Desert, a gorgeous nude, I also have my eye on Coral. These are hydrating and packed with pigmentation, and I will have a full review with swatches up soon!

Clarins Summer Limited Edition Tropical

Be still my beating heart! How gorgeous is this *Clarins Summer 2017 collection? Especially that bronzer! I must admit when I first opened this, I had absolutely no intention of using the bronzer, but then I caved. I have used it a few times since and the embossing is as good as new. There are three warm matte bronze shades, and a shimmery peach too. I have used all the shades together, as well as separately, and as a bronzer, it warms my face and gives a sunkissed glow, and as a blush it brightens up my cheeks without emphasising skin texture. The eyeshadow palette and eye pencil complete the sunkissed look with the bronze and copper shades. I will have a full review with swatches up soon.

Kahve Scrub

Local brand *Kahve has brought some sassiness to the market with their body scrubs. Smelling good enough to eat, with ingredients that will refine and renew your skin, this is as good a spoil as any going into Summer. I will have a full review up soon, but for now, know this, smells good, looks good, is local and it works!

Morgan Taylor Selfie

A new season, a new Morgan Taylor collection, and the *SELFIE collection for Summer 2017 is exactly what summer should look like. Bright and fun! All of the shades are neon bright, two are one-coat wonders, and I have had Wake Up This Way on my toes for more than a week, and it is still glossy and chip free! Full review and close-up swatches coming soon!

Inoar Hair Botox Review

I was invited to experience the *Inoar Hair Botox Treatment a while ago at Sorbet Drybar Dunkeld. Because I only air-dry my hair, I was pretty excited for the results! More volume, more shine, and less frizz all in 30 minutes. My scalp did feel a bit sensitive toward the end of the 3o minutes, but I do have a sensitive scalp, so that is pretty normal. After my treatment my hair was blowdried, and it looked so light and fluffy and bouncy. It has been a few weeks since the treatment, and I definitely have less frizz, my hair also feels softer, and I find that I  need to use less hair oil than before. I will have a full review up soon.

essence Blossom Dreams Review

I was so excited for the essence Blossom Dreams Trend Edition, you can check out my full review and swatches over here.

SLS Organics Review

Lastly, another local brand *SLS Organics has the most gorgeous soaps!

Thanks for reading Ladies, anything catch your eye? Which review would you like to see first?

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  1. Vanessa Christiane

    Wow now that’s a haul of note – such awesome products! Been dying to try most of them especially Montana Blanc – I’m a make up but more so a Fragrance Freakazoid, and love keeping unusually shaped bottles to display on my dressing table as a reminder of the joy they’ve brought to me z always an amazing review, thank you – always broad and one gets to learn so much about the beauty industry 😇

    1. admin

      Thanks so much Vanessa. Yip, it is a gorgeous bottle! Best add it to your wishlist 🙂

  2. R Fourie

    Revlon & the Clarins foundations pleez 😉

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