Oils All Day, Everyday!

I love Oils All Day, Everyday! Oils for face, body, hair and home! Today I will be sharing my thoughts on a few new oil products that I have been trying out.

Oils All Day, Everyday

Home Fragrance Oil- The Body Shop Jasmine & White Frangipani Home Frangrance Oil- I absolutely love the scent of Jasmine, and Frangipani is my favourite flower, so I was in love with this before I even tried it. Just a few drops of this in an oil burner will transport you to an island paradise.

Shower Oil- L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil- Shower oils are great to give skin an extra moisture boost while cleansing. I do love this, but I think there are way more affordable shower oils that do the same job. One of my favourites is the Nivea Pampering Shower Oil.

Body Oil- *Palmer’s Coconut Body Oil- I keep this in the shower to apply to my skin while damp. It has a very light coconut scent and even though I am not a fan of coconut scents I don’t mind this since it is so slight. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. I also like the convenient mess free pump.

Hair Oil- Matrix Exquisite Oil- When I saw Moringa Oil Blend I immediately thought of the moringa scent from The Body Shop and bought this. Unfortunately it hardly has a scent. It makes my hair feel super soft, but so do quite a few other hair oils I have tried, and those make my hair smell good too!

All-in-one Oil- The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil- Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking product? This oil can be used on face, hair and body, although I only use it on my hair and body, and aside from doing a great job moisturising, it smells amazing! I do find I need to use half of the amount on my hair as I usually would with a hair oil, or it can go from soft to greaseball pretty quick, but that means it will last twice as long!

Face Cleansing Oil- The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil- The Camomile Cleansing Butter from The Body Shop is one of my favourite cleansers, so when I saw this in store I thought I would give it a try. It is meant to be massaged into dry skin to help loosen dirt and makeup, and then once you add water it turns into a thin milky cleanser. I like to remove it with a face cloth, although once it turns milky it rinses off pretty well without leaving any residue behind. It is gentle on the skin and eyes, and removes makeup well, so overall a good cleansing oil.

Facial Oil- Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Face- When I read about this on an international blog I immediately wondered if it was available here. After doing some research I found it at Dischem. For the price this is quite an impressive face oil, with some great skincare ingredients including retinol, rosehip oil and vitamin c. It doesn’t irritate the skin either, so it is a great option for someone wanting to introduce retinol into their routine.

Palmers Face Therapy Oil Retinol

Lip Oil- *Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in Tangerine and Honey Glam- You may have seen my recent post on Tinted Lip Oils, where I featured the Lip Comfort Oil in Raspberry. Well, lucky for us lip oil lovers, there are now four new shades from Clarins to choose from, and Tangerine has my heart. These offer a moisture punch, a slight tint and a delightful fragrance.

Clarins Lip Oil Review Swatches

Swatches below of Tangerine, a gorgeous coral shade, and Honey Glam a shimmery gold.

How to use oils

Do you have any oil favourites to share with me?

*Press Sample

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  1. R Fourie

    Thank you, Azraa for all this info. In also would like to try the Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Face 🙂

    1. admin

      Yes, I think it is amazing, your skin is in for a treat!

  2. Marné

    I’m also an oil fanatic, I love oils!!
    I’ve been making/mixing my own facial oils for more than a year. I buy organic carrier and essential oils from Soil and mix them according to recipes I found online. I’ve sorted out so many facial issues with oils, it’s been a good journey.
    My favourite body oils are the Nivea Q10 body oil and Justine’s Tissue Oil Nourishing Satin Finish body spray. It’s also in a spray bottle, so no mess, and such a lovely smell.
    I am most definitely going to try the Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil Face, didn’t even know of it, it sounds amazing! xx

    1. admin

      Oh wow, please share your favourite recipes with me!

  3. Carmen

    Love oils too 😉 I can vouch for the Sh’zen facial oils as I have used them all and they are pretty good. I definitely try the Palmer products and the Bodyshop all in one oil – sounds divine. I am currently using the bodyshop facial cleansing oil and it works and smells good too. For my kids I add the body oils to their aqueous cream – depends what I have (like tissue oil or olive oil or moringa oil). so as you can see I love oils…

    1. admin

      Have you tried the body shop cleansing balm? It’s also pretty nice. Definitely should add some oils to my cream! Thanks!

    1. admin

      It’s awesome isn’t it! Can’t believe such a good facial oil was sitting at dischem unknown! Yup it’s really pretty and makes my lips look fuller too

  4. Vina

    You’ve convinced with the The Body Shop’s Shea Beautifying Oil. A multi- tasking oil is a rare find and I am so keen to try it.

    I love Sh’zen’s Bois de Rose Tissue Oil. It repairs and is so gentle on skin not to mention it has a great fragrance and doesn’t irritate the skin.


    1. admin

      And it smells so good! They have quite a few other scents in it too. Oh that sounds heavenly! I love rose scents. I’ll check it out, thanks!

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