New Skincare on Trial

Ladies, it is time once again to share some New Skincare on Trial, a few products that have found a space on my shelf and in my routine. I must say, there are definitely some winners over here!

New Skincare on Trial

Let’s start with cleansing, just a pea sized amount of the new *dermalogica Precleanse Balm massaged into dry skin melts away makeup, including liquid lipstick and waterproof mascara! The best part is that it doesn’t bug my eyes at all! Once water is added, the balm turns into a milky emulsion that is easily rinsed away, without leaving a greasy feel which is sometimes the case with balm/oil cleansers. The Balm also comes with a handy little cleansing mitt that can be used for a deeper clean or mild exfoliation.

New Skincare on Trial Dermalogica Precleanse Balm

Next up, I have the dermalogica Daily Resurfacer. A little applicator pad that fits over your finger, and contains one application of alpha and beta hydroxy acids and enzymes to smooth the skin. Now if you have been reading the blog for a while you will know that I am a huge fan of peels and acids, so I am loving this! I have been using this after cleansing  and it really helps to exfoliate and resurface the skin without irritation or redness, but there is sometimes a slight tingle. A word of caution, do not use this before using a highly active retinol product, as it can be too much for the skin, and cause flaking and irritation, believe me I know, since I used it before the dermalogica Overnight Retinol 1%, which is by far the strongest retinol product I have tried!

The Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It is a very fine grit exfoliator, that offers both chemical and physical exfoliation without being harsh on the skin. It has a lovely fresh mint scent, and a fun and refreshing blue colour. My skin felt refreshed and cleansed after use, and definitely more refined. I like that even though this is a physical scrub it isn’t too scrubby and scratchy on the skin.

I am sure you have heard a million great things about the *Clarins 8th Generation Double Serum recently, so let me just tell you, they are all true! I tried the previous double serum, and really enjoyed using it and the results, but I did find it quite oily and rich. The new and improved version has been reformulated without mineral oil, so the oily and rich texture is gone, and in its place is a light but nourishing serum! You can actually see and feel the difference between the new and old serum, with the old one having visible oil droplets. The 8th Generation Serum still has the 20 plant extracts, but also includes Turmerone, a derivative of Turmeric. The packaging of the new serum, as was the case with the old, contains two different compartments for the Hydric and Lipidic phases, which are combined when you dispense the product. A new feature of the 8th Generation that I am loving, is the addition of two dials on the bottle, which allows you to control how much of the serum is dispensed and therefore reduce wastage. I prefer the larger dose since my skin is on the dehydrated side. I have noticed a definite change in my skin since I started using this serum daily, my skin is hydrated, plump and radiant, and has a healthy glow to it.

New Skincare Clarins Double Serum 8th Generation

Oh my gosh Nuxe, just the scent of their products is enough for me! The *Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beauté 48HR Moisturising Cream and 48HR Moisture SOS Rescue Mask both have a delectable orange blossom scent. I think orange blossom is now my favourite scent and has even overtaken jasmine. The Moisturising Cream is soft and silky on the skin, and after applying, the dehydration lines around my mouth are greatly reduced and my skin feels comfortable and looks plump. The SOS Rescue Mask can be left on for 10 minutes for a quick hydration boost, but my favourite way to use it is overnight. It is light and absorbs well, so it will not mess your pillows or feel tacky or greasy. When I wake up in the morning my skin is plump, radiant and supple, and all of the signs of dehydration have disappeared. The scent of these products is quite strong, so if you are sensitive to fragrances, then get a sample first and give it a try.  I personally love the fragrance, and if there was a scented candle in this scent I would jump on it!

Lastly, and most importantly no matter the weather or the season, sun protection! I am obsessed with sun protection, and basically slather myself everyday, as if I am going to the beach, even though I live in the city, and spend most of my time indoors. The newest sun protection I have been trying is the Bioderma Photoderm MAX 50+ Tinted Aquafluid in Golden. I love how thin a fluid this is, it works perfectly well under makeup, and doesn’t look or feel greasy. When I first tried this, I found the tint was a bit too dark for me, but after using this both under makeup, and alone as a face tint, I really like it! It provides a tiny bit of bronzeness to my skin, and by adding a bit of cream blush, I am ready to go.

New Skincare on Trial Nuxe Creme Fraiche Hydration

Have you tried any new skincare products recently?

*Press Sample

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This Post Has 46 Comments

    1. admin

      It is so good! So much better than the old one

  1. Erin

    I need to try more from Dermologica, its one brand I haven’t really explored yet!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. admin

      It is a lovely brand, the precleanse and retinol 1% are my favourites!

  2. Beky Morris

    I love the idea of the cleansing mitt for the dermologica. I’ve never tried anything by them before.

    1. admin

      They make such amazing skincare!

  3. Caitylis

    These look lovely! I really need to concentrate more on skin care, I use my body shop face wash and toner and that’s as far as my routine goes!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

    1. admin

      The body shop makes amazing skincare though!

  4. shelley

    ooh I’m going to have to try that soap & glory scrub!

    1. admin

      I am quite impressed by it!

  5. Emma

    My skin is really dry because of the cold yet its usually oily so I have to be careful when switching up my skincare routine! xx

    1. admin

      Sounds like it is dehydrated, I have a similiar skin type.

  6. Rosie

    My skin hates me right now! I desperately need to shake up my skincare routine to reap the benefits! This stuff looks perfect!

    1. admin

      Oh gosh, because of the season? Hydration is key!

  7. Kelly-Anne

    Those Nuxe products looks amazing. I’ve been using a daily oil and it’s done wonders for my skin.

    1. admin

      And they smell amazing! The Nuxe oil? Or another one?

  8. Lady Writes

    I’m a big fan of Dermalogica and I hear great things about the Clarins Serum too x

    1. admin

      It is, and so much better than the last one!

  9. Thuraya Alhourani

    Clarins is always a great choice for skincare! I swear by their Hydra range for the winter months x

    1. admin

      I love their hydra range too! They do such great skincare!

  10. Emma

    I’m yet to try the new generation Clarins serum – off on holiday so I might treat myself at the airport!
    Em x

    1. admin

      Yes, it is much better than the old one!

  11. adrienne

    I love Nuxe! How cool is that Dermalogica tool – I’ll have to order one x

    1. admin

      Any other Nuxe products you can recommend? Yip, it is awesome with the balm!

  12. Emma

    Oooh I’ve heard good things about Nuxe!! I want to give it a go now. My skin so needs a bit of tlc! x

    1. admin

      It is a lovely skincare brand! Their scents are amazing!

  13. Caroline

    Dermalogica are such a great brand, their skincare products have always been so innovative. The mitt that comes with the balm looks really good! xx

    1. admin

      Yip, the mitt gives a good massage and exfoliates gently.

    1. admin

      Both are such amazing products! I see myself using them to the last drop!

  14. R Fourie

    I stick to Nivea.

    The Q10 range – it seems to work just fine😊

    Maybe I can also try the Nivea Cellular Anti-age range in the near future.

    1. admin

      I have heard great things about the Nivea range, especially the new Vitamin C one.

  15. Yasmina

    Skincare is always so important but I try to keep mine really basic. I love the sound of the dermologica products though 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

    1. admin

      Yip, it is so important. I love trying new products!

  16. Issy Belle Fox

    The Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer sounds like something I definitely need and I love that it comes with an applicator x

    1. admin

      I am so happy with it! Just not before retinol 🙂

  17. Sarah

    really need to get some of these, all i use to remove makeup is baby wipes haha

    1. admin

      Try have a look at some micellar water and cotton pads rather, they will do a much better job! 🙂

  18. Beautylymin

    Fab picks! I love Double Serum and I want to try the Dermalogica Precleanse Balm because I love the oil! xx


    1. admin

      Yes, me too! The balm is lovely, I think you will love it!

    1. admin

      Yip, you can never go wrong with dermalogica

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