May First Impressions

I know, I know, I am late again, hopefully next month I am on time. But before June is over, let me try and get through this May First Impressions post, my thoughts on the products I have tried out in May. Some of the products already have full reviews which I will link to.

First up I have a few new skincare products that I have been relying on when my skin starts getting annoying. Starting with cleansing I have been enjoying the REN Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel, it isn’t drying, but does a good job cleansing my skin, and my skin is left feeling balanced and less congested. I have been following that with The Solution Pads from Arcona twice a week at night to resurface and refine my skin. These pads leave my skin feeling refined and cleansed, I sometimes get a tingle around my nose if my skin is compromised thanks to flu season, but on the rest of my face I don’t feel anything. I don’t think this would work for dry or sensitive skin types, as it could be too drying or irritating.

When I feel a spot coming on I have been using The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, and it has been amazing at getting rid of anything before it starts! You can use this to spot treat, or on the full face. Another treatment I have been enjoying is the *Anti-Imperfection Night Mask from The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Range. Now we all know how much I love an overnight mask, because you just slap it on and go to bed! I have been applying this cooling gel mask when my skin is looking and feeling clogged, and it helps to clear my skin while I get some beauty sleep, and I wake up to refreshed clearer looking skin. I love that it doesn’t dry out my skin, and also doesn’t stain my pillow!

Serum wise I have been using the *Avene D-Pigment Light at night, which is a highly active dark spot correcter which reduces dark marks, as well as prevents new dark marks from forming. It contains Melanyde, a pigment busting active, Retinaldehyde a Vitamin A derivative, as well as anti-oxidants and the famous Thermal Spring Water to soothe. If you have sensitive skin or are not a regular actives user, you should start using this every other night, and once your skin acclimates, you can use it nightly. It is important to use SPF with this product, and I have found the perfect SPF from the Vichy UV Protect Range. The Anti-Shine Cream is just glorious, it has the most amazing texture, doesn’t pill, is affordable, and sits well under makeup. I even featured it in my May Favourites. Lastly I have another product from The Ordinary, the Natural Moisturising Factors + HA, a perfectly bland moisturiser, in the best way possible. This provides surface hydration, and does not interfere with any serums you use underneath, which is why it is perfectly bland. It is not often you find a moisturiser that sits well with anything, with a sole purpose of surface hydration, I already have a backup! I will have a full review of all of these up soon.


To say I love this new product from Dermalogica would be an understatement. I have been using the *Sound Sleep Cocoon for over a month now, and everything from the texture to the scent and even the packaging has impressed me. Firstly I sleep better, I have never struggled with falling asleep, but I do have some restless nights, and I don’t know if it is in my head, thanks to good marketing (the motion-activated French-lavender), but I 100% have more restful nights when I use this. And, because of a more restful night, I wake up looking rested, and fresh. When I first felt the gel-cream like texture, I thought there is no way this is going to be enough for my dehydrated skin, but I was surprised. It feels silky soft on my skin, and leaves my skin feeling soothed and comforted. I love that this can also be layered over any serums, and even over moisturisers for an extra layer of hydration. I will have a full review up soon.

Seeing as the last shampoo and conditioner combo I tried out didn’t work for me, I thought I would give another range a try. The Schwarzkopf Bonacure Barbary Fig Oil is a repairing range, designed for dull, dry hair. I bought the BC Oil Miracle Barbary Fig Oil-in-Shampoo, BC Oil Miracle Barbary Fig Oil Restorative Conditioning Milk and the BC Oil Miracle Barbary Fig Oil Restorative Treatment. I love the shampoo, it cleanses and hydrates, and leaves my skin feeling silky soft. At first I was not too happy with a leave-in conditioning milk, as I do like to condition in the shower, but I got used to it, and it saves water too by only needing one rinse. The oil leaves my skin soft and silky, without being too heavy or greasy. I am quite happy with this range and will continue using it. I have also started using the *Tangle Teezer Wet Detangling Brush, which is amazing! I love the original Tangle Teezer and how gently it is on my hair, but I do find it awkward to hold, especially since my hair is quite long, this is practically the same, but with a handle. The bristles of the brush are long, and give my scalp a good massage, and it works so well to brush through the leave-in conditioning milk. It is also much more hygienic than traditional brushes, thanks to the plastic bristles that can be easily washed.

New essence Launches

Moving on to a few new makeup goodies from essence. I like the HD Hydra Primer Spray, it preps skin nicely and does a good job at hydrating the skin which allows for better makeup application. I have also used it over makeup, and it plumps up my skin and refreshes my makeup. The Fade Your Shade Lipsticks are not great at all! They have a weird texture, and the colours are too intense for me, it also doesn’t blend well with other lip products. Lastly I have these three highlighters, with colours that are not very wearable, but I was too inquisitive and wanted to buy them to try out. Surprisingly I like the Glow Like A Mermaid Highlighter, when mixed together the shades can pass as a pinky golden highlight. The Made to Sparkle Quad has two shades I could wear, but the green and purple are a no from me. I have still not decided about the Prismatic Rainbow Highlighter, when mixed together the shades pull through with a bit of a blue tinge, I need to try it a bit more before I decide. Would you like a full review and swatches on these?

May First Impressions The Metallic Beauty Edit

When I think of Metallic Makeup, I think it is for the bold, and most times from my experience can make you look old. But, I have pulled together a few metallic products that will give you a sophisticated metallic finish. First up I have the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Trivial, a pretty warm rosy shade with a slight pearl sheen, it is so slightly metallic that you hardly notice, but when it catches the light it looks really pretty. Next up we have The Balm Batter Up Eyeshadow Stick in Outfield, a super dark olive green with a bit of sparkle. The staying power on these are amazing, and I love using a few different shades on my eyes and blend them together. I also have this pretty essence Metal Chrome Blush in Copper Crush, which is more of a highlighter than a blush. It has a bit of a rough texture, and once the colour starts fading, it can begin to look a bit sparkly, but the shade is a stunning highlight on tanned skin. Lastly I was sent two shades of the new *Morgan Taylor Platinum Range, a stunning new shimmery holographic range.  I have Liquid Bling on the left, and Disco Days on the right, and wow, the dimension on these are stunning! Would you like a full review with swatches of these metallic products?

Oh Catrice and your limited editions! The newest one I came across is the Blush Flush range. I am loving the two Cushion Powder Cheeks Blush Shades, they have a cream to powder finish, and apply and blend really well. I am also loving the Ombre Blush Palette, it is so pigmented and buttery soft. The Fluid Glow, which is a liquid blush, works well to add some colour and glow to the skin. I don’t get the duo brush at all. The black bristles are meant to be for powder, and the other side for cream, but I find both sides are too dense for powder, and work best with cream or to press in my concealer. The Butter to Powder Blush is essentially a cream blush that dries to a powder finish. I am not sure how I feel about this yet, and will have to try it out a bit more. I will have a full review and swatches up soon.

I have already reviewed this Limited Edition Turkish Delight Range from Spalicious over here, as well as the Dove DermaSpa Range over here.

May First Impressions Dove DermaSpa Hand Cream Review

Are there any products you would like a full review on first?

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  1. Maisie

    I always hear such amazing things about The Ordinary brand! I really like the sound of the salicylic acid so will be sure to try that out soon! x

  2. Kelly-Anne

    I really want to try that night mask, I have been using one but I’m running out.

  3. Sarah

    better late than ever as they say! I need to get myself some primer spray, as i am always using face cream and i dont think it does my skin any good!

  4. R Fourie

    Cannot wait for the Catrice and Essence reviews☺

  5. Sharon

    I love a first impressions post! It’s great to hear the buzz around a product!

  6. Gemma Louise

    Those Catrice products are so dreamy, the blush shades look so up my street!

  7. Lady Writes

    I am obsessed with the Sound Sleep Cocoon – it’s completely transformed my skin x

  8. Alice Fairweather

    I’ve been desperate to try the Anti-Imperfection Night Mask, sounds great! Good luck with it and let us know how you get on x

  9. Alice Spake

    Dove is such a bargain, reliable brand! I swear by their body and shower products xx

  10. Beky

    your photos here are absolutely beautiful, i love the attention to detail!

  11. Rosie

    Can I just come round your house and live in your beauty room?! That mermaid powder sounds absolutely amazing for summer!!

  12. shelley

    I need that dermalogica sleep cream now!

  13. Erin

    That mermaid powder looks so so cute! I love the pan! I might just need to pick up some of it,it looks so cute!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  14. Siobhan Yeatman

    Gorgeous products!
    I also have that Urban Decay Vice liquid lippie – it is STUNNING! I really like the formula, it actually reminds me a bit of the Kat Von D one – dries down completely so no tacky feeling, but it also feels weightless on the lips. This shade leaves my lips looking plumped – I think it’s that slight sheen that does it.

    I adored that hair trio, received it in a Retail Box Secret Box ages ago, but sadly while it did MIRACLES for my hair, I think I was allergic to the fragrance, as I broke out in a rash on my neck from it…

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