Dove DermaSpa Hand Cream Review

When Dove launched the DermaSpa range I bought most of the products, but for some reason I overlooked the DermaSpa Hand Cream. So, when Rubybox wanted to send over a Dove *Pamper Package which included the Hand Cream as well as a few other products, I couldn’t say no!

Dove DermaSpa Hand Cream Review

The Dove DermaSpa Range was designed to give you a spa pamper experience at home, and everything I have tried from the range felt rich and luxurious. The Hand Cream is no different, it feels silky and rich, and hydrates the skin without feeling greasy, which is my pet hate with hand creams! I also love the slim tube, which makes it a perfect handbag companion.

The DermaSpa Goodness range promises Luminous, Even and Velvety Soft Skin. It is enriched with omega oil and Dove’s latest innovation, Cell Moisturisers to give dry skin the moisture boost it needs.

When my hands are in need of a pamper (which is often in Winter), I start with a good soak and scrub and finish off with a treatment and rich hand cream. You don’t need a fancy soak, epsom salts or something similiar works just as well. The same goes for the scrub, just mix some sugar and olive oil, and there you go, you can even add some essential oils if you are feeling fancy. For the treatment I like to use a rich face oil, as well as some cuticle oil or balm. I then seal that in with a rich hand cream, and the Dove DermaSpa one works a treat.

Dove DermaSpa Hand Cream Review

Two favourites from the other products include the Shea Butter Beauty Cream Bar which is even more hydrating than the original Dove Beauty Bar and the Daily Treatment Conditioner which has been a firm hair favourite for a while now!

Dove DermaSpa Hand Cream Review

Have you tried the Dove DermaSpa Hand Cream, or anything else from the range yet?

P.S. Rubybox is also running an awesome competition, which you can check out here!

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  1. Lady Writes

    I need a new hand cream and I don’t like splashing out so this sounds like one to check out x

  2. Sharon

    I haven’t used Dove in years but this post has made me want to

  3. This is one of my fav hand creams! i especially love the pink scented version though the others are nice as well x

  4. Alice Fairweather

    I’ve always loved Dove! These sound amazing, I’ll have to keep an eye out for these x

  5. Kelly-Anne

    Oh yes. Some many people I know are obsessed with this range and their hand cream.

  6. Gemma Louise

    All the products sound dreamy! I love dove skincare!

  7. Maisie

    I’ve not tried these yet but they sound lovely! x

  8. Rosie

    I seriously swear by dove! When my skin is seriously patchy and mad I love it to sooth it!

  9. Issy Belle Fox

    I love Dove, they’re always so reliable and kind to skin x

  10. Corrie Arnold

    This sounds lovely I really need a new hand cream, I forget to use it in the Summer. Your photos are gorgeous.

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold

  11. R Fourie

    Dove is a big no for my skin – don’t know why.

    The shampoo is fine though 😌

  12. shelley

    ah I always love the smell of dove but Im so allergic!

  13. Emma

    Dove products are always a winner – they remind me of my Nan as they were her ‘treat’ products!

  14. Erin

    I’ve not used dove products in so long, but I used to love them so much!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

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