How To Fix A Broken Blush Compact?

Hi Ladies!

What should you do if ever this happens? (Besides break down and cry)

How to fix a broken powder

Nothing is going to resurrect your pretty embossed blush compact from the above mess to the prettiness it once was. But it is possible to fix your blush so that you can still use it. There are two options, you can either transfer it to a suitable tub and use it as a loose powder (Step 3 and 4 below) or you can set it again in the compact (Step 1 to 8 below).

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Let me show you how I repaired my blush from smashed to mostly intact as you can see below.

Fixing a broken powder blush compact

Below is a step by step pictorial on how to salvage your powder blush, but it could work for any broken powder product.

How to fix broken blush pictorial

 Step 1: Well, you obviously need a broken blush or other powder compact.

Step 2: You will need glad wrap, a plastic knife, toothpicks and rubbing alcohol.

Step 3: Put a sheet of glad wrap over your broken compact and crush it more. It needs to be as fine as possible.

Step 4: You can stop here and transfer your fine crushed powder to a suitable tub and use it as a loose powder if you like. If you would prefer to set it again, read on to step 5.

Step 5: Add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol to the powder and mix well to form a paste.

Step 6: Use another sheet of glad wrap to smooth out the paste.

Step 7: Your compact should now look like this.

Step 8: I managed to recover a heart shape and stuck that on my new blush. Let it dry overnight, and it is then ready to use.

And there you have it, it’s not perfect, but it is good enough to use!

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    Aaaah, this is so cool! Saving your post for when I have a broken blush!

    1. admin

      Hehe thanks, but hopefully you will never have a broken blush! ☺

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