essie Fall 2017 Collection

My favourite thing about essie polishes, aside from the shades and quality of course, are the names! I wish I could name essie polishes for a living! Well, enough about dream jobs, today I will be sharing my thoughts on the essie Fall 2017 Collection. One thing to remember about essie, is that we are a season behind, so the South African Fall 2017 collection is actually the US Fall 2016 collection. With this specific collection there are also some shade and name differences which I will get to further on.essie Fall 2017 Collection Review and Swatches

This collection is inspired by Tokyo, the changing colour of the leaves and the tastes and energy of the number 1 street style destination in the world.

essie fall 2017 collection

I received three out of the six shades to try, and they are all perfect for Autumn/Fall. All three are two-coaters, thank goodness, because who has time to apply and let dry three coats! The swatches below are of two coats each.

essie fall 2017 tokyo japan

From L-R:

maki me happy- crimson wrapped berry. maki me happy is gorgeous, but not very unique, and if you have a few of the previous Fall Collections from essie, I am sure you have something similiar.

kimono-over- inviting damson plum. kimono-over is a stunning deep purple, leaning almost black, and the light picks up on the plum tones. I love this, it is a safe shade, with a twist.

playing koi- flirtatious orange rust. playing koi is my favourite, because it is such a unique shade and like nothing I have ever used before. It looks darker in the swatches than it actually is, and the colour in bottle is more true to the shade.

essie fall 2017 collection

There are meant to be three other shades in the collection. udon know me, go go geisha and now and zen. Unfortunately go go geisha and udon know me, are not available in South Africa, but have been replaced with mint candy apple and lilacism. mint candy apple is one of my all time favourite essie shades, so I am not complaining.

essie fall 2017 collection

See any shades you like? now and zen looks like a stunning shade too, a gorgeous timeless sage grey. This collection is already available in store. If you fancy more neutral shades, then check out the essie Treat Love & Color range. It gives you sheer breathable coverage while caring for your nails.

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  1. R Fourie

    The names / story are so interesting 🙂

    1. admin

      They are! They all have a background story and it’s pretty cool!

  2. Lucinda Singh

    Beautiful shades… Lol I agree their names are super cute and catchy x

    1. admin

      Love the names! Thanks for stopping by Lucinda.

  3. Candice Petersen

    Ooe these are such gorgeous shades definitely perfect for the current season

    Beauty Candy Loves

    1. admin

      They are stunning Candice!

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