Plantur 21 Review and Giveaway

Plantur 21 Review Giveaway

Do you suffer from hair loss, or excessive hair fall? Hair loss can be caused by many factors, with stress being one of them. The Plantur 21 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoo targets poor hair growth with a focus on color treated or stressed hair. The Nutri-Caffeine Elixir is a leave-in scalp tonic that also combats poor hair growth.

Plantur 21 nourishes and strengthens hair to promote healthy growth and to help prevent premature hair loss* due to mental and physical stress in young women.

Available at Clicks and Dis-Chem stores and online RRP: R165 Each

Plantur 21 Review Giveaway

Today you can Win with Plantur 21!

“Hair loss has many causes. Apart from hereditary predisposition, weight loss diets, an unbalanced diet, intensive exercise and stress are all possible hair loss triggers. All these factors may negatively impact hair energy supply, thereby decreasing hair growth. Dr. Wolff R&D has developed Plantur 21 especially for this type of hair loss*. It contains a nutri-caffeine complex which provides hair with the necessary reserves so it can continue to grow healthily and vigorously.”

*without the result of a medical condition

Plantur 21 Review and Giveaway

Plantur 21 is giving away 3 Nutri-Caffeine Shampoos and 3 Nutri-Caffeine Elixirs, valued at R1000.

To win simply

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Follow Prettiful Blog and Plantur 21 on Twitter

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For more information, checkout Plantur 21 on Twitter: @Plantur21ZA and Facebook: @Plantur21ZA


Only open to SA residents.
All entries will be verified.
The Giveaway ends on the 31 May 2017 at midnight, and a winner will be chosen shortly after that.
Plantur 21 will send out the prize to the winner

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  1. Vanessa Christiane

    Extremely well DONE – EXCUSE THE ‘FONT’ – predictive text! 😉😂😂

  2. Vanessa Christiane

    Great Review and always extremely well font, your reviews of products are always extremely informative, giving everyone that follows a REAL perspective in the Product Reviews!!

    I do believe that this Shampoo Range is absolutely fantastic.

    Wishing all entrants the very best of luck!

    As I’ve just won an amazing hamper with prettifulblog, I won’t be entering as that would be unfair to other contestants 😆😉

  3. Simone Cameron

    Battling with hair loss due to anaemia, so really keen to try anything that will assist with regrowth!

  4. Rehana Seedat

    Liked both pages …and have retweeted

  5. Emizer Oka_Vin_k

    Awesome giveaway would love to win🌼🌼🌼

  6. Bianca Balutto

    I would love to win this for my mum she suffers from hair loss.

  7. Depashni marie

    Liked both pages …and have retweeted

  8. Tania Brewis


  9. Delia Reddy

    Amazing giveaway with amazing products that actually works! I’d love to win this for my Mom , as you know growing older has its disadvantages but it doesn’t need to be a struggle 😘

  10. Marlene Olivier

    Liked both pages…following both on Twitter…tweeted and hope to win as I seriously have a massive hair loss problem at the moment. Would be very blessed if I could win. Regards Marlene Olivier

  11. Coral Le Roux

    My daughter would love this product – she has thin hair that takes so long to grow. Shared, liked, liked, liked 🙂

  12. Selona Govender

    I waited anxiously for a review about Plantur 21, I’ve been suffering with hair loss since July 2016′ tried most products on the market but I’ve seen no difference. I’m left with a bald spot, still continue to loose a lot every day, especially on the days I wash my hair. Thank you for the info.

  13. Priscilla Boscombe

    SOOOO fantastic. My godchild has MASSES of hair and one day just started shedding. It was quiet frighting to see.. But alas it has stopped now but very dry and brittle… We trying new shampoos all the time to get the condition 100% as she loves her locks 🙂

  14. Roslyn Kinnear

    Great giveaway. Very Informative. Just what my hair needs. Following, shared, liked, retweeted. Would LOVE to try out Plantur 21 and see the difference.

  15. Anusha Naidoo

    Thank you for an interesting and informative review I certainly need this as I’m experiencing hair loss .

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