essie Treat Love & Color

Today I would like to introduce you to the *essie Treat Love & Color Limited Edition, a one-step care and color line. essie Treat Love Color allows you to care for and strengthen your nails while wearing gorgeous but breathable sheer shades. Have you ever felt like you need to give your nails a rest from the polish and gelish and all the rest, but can’t bear to go bare-nailed? Me too, so read on!

essie Treat Love & Coloressie treat love & coloressie Treat Love Color

There are four shades in this collection:

‘treat me bright’, with brightening sheer powder white pigments.

‘tinted love’, with restorative coral peach sheer pigments.

‘sheers to you’, with nurturing sheer pink blush pigments.

‘laven-dearly’, with neutralizing adorable sheer lavender pigments

I received three of the four to try out, and you can see the swatches below. As you can see they are super sheer, but do offer a radiant glow. They contain collagen & camellia extract and according to essie, you can expect 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage in just one week. My nails are quite strong, so I can’t comment on the peeling and breakage claim, but I do love that my nails can get a sheer wash of color & some care in just two coats. Constant polish wearing  (and Indian food) sometimes stain my nails, and I know they need a bit of a breather. But, I can’t let them breathe, because they look so gross being stained, so what’s a girl to do? Well now, thanks to essie I can use these between each mani to keep my nails healthy while still looking good!

L-R: ‘treat me bright’, ‘sheers to you’  and ‘laven-dearly’.

essie Treat Love & Color

Below I have used ‘sheers to you’ on my nails, and I really like how healthy my nails look! It gives the gloss of a clear polish, with that extra bit of glowy pigment to make nails look that extra bit healthier. It reminds me of the french pink of a french manicure.

essie sheers to you treat love & color

You can find the essie Treat Love & Color range at Dischem and they retail for R134.95 each.

What do you think about this collection?

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  1. Nerina te Water

    I live in Somerset West and cannot find my ESIE TLC Treat Me Bright at DISCHEM or any of the Clicks stores in this area. Please help!!

    1. admin

      Hi. Have you tried online? Perhaps Takealot? I do have these for sale for R40 each on my blog sale page. Just select it from the menu above if you are interested.

  2. R Fourie

    Your nails look healthy and pretty 🙂

    Would love to try “laven-dearly”

    1. admin

      Thanks Reonette. Yip I definitely recommend these!

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