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Unfortunately Ive been experiencing dry lips for the past few weeks. I’m very strict when it comes to applying lip balm and hand cream, some people even say slightly OCD. I cannot wash my hands without putting hand cream on, and I apply lip balm constantly too… So, you can imagine how much it bugs me when I have dry lips! So this post is dedicated to banishing dry lips! I usually use lip balm most of the day, and before I sleep, the rest of the time I use lip gloss.

My go to lip moisturisers are Lip Sano and Carmex both the tubes and tubs I use these most of the day, and before I sleep, nothing else really does it for me and my OCD lips. But because I have a shopping problem I have millions of lip balms that I have never even tried, so I decided to stop my regulars and try my new products.

Balm Balm fragrance free and Balm Balm tea tree lip balms, R82.95.

I expected a lot from these Balm Balm products, as I have heard great things about the brand. The tea tree one was too thin, and didn’t moisturise much at all. The fragrance free was much better, more moisturising and richer too. I would buy the fragrance free again. These lip balms are not just for your lips, they can be used on any dry area.

Balm Balm face balm in rose and geranium, R169.95.

This balm was quite rich too, it had a pleasant smell, and was glossy and moisturising. Although its a face balm, it can be used all over, lips included. Because it is so versatile I would highly recommend this balm for any dry areas you have.

Clarins moisture replenishing lip balm, R155.

I loved this! It’s not as thick as the Carmex tub, but is similiar to the tube. It moisturised extremely well, but didn’t last very long on my lips, and needed to reapplied often. Although it moisturised well, I don’t think it is worth the price. I received a sample of this in a beauty box, and finished the tube, so I don’t have a picture of it. 🙁

Uriage stick levres lip balm. R95.00.

This lip balm comes in a stick, it smells amazing, and kept my lips moisturised for more than 4 hours. It isn’t very thick, and leaves a slight gloss on your lips, but does a great job. This is my favourite lip balm, and for the price, and convenience of the stick I will definitely buy it again!

Erborian lip bome +, 169.95

I have wanted to try the Erborian brand for a while, and finally bought the lip balm. It is thick and moisturising and keeps my lips soft and moisturised. It doesn’t have much of a smell, and the texture is similiar to Carmex and Lip Sanos tubs. It is quite expensive, and although it does a great job, I don’t think I would buy it again, given that to me it is just Carmex or Lip Sano unscented.

Softlips Organics in pomegranate, R21.95

I love the smell of all the Softlips organics range. It doesn’t give the tingle the usual Softlips gives, and it is more moisturising. I like the small size of the tube. I like this to use now and again, but it wont work for my regular lip balm, it is just not thick or moisturising enough.

The Body Shop lip butter in mango, R55

This is the most disappointing body shop product I have tried. It looks thick, but when applied it is not thick or moisturising. The smell is the only good thing about this product unfortunately.

If anyone has suggestions for lip balms you love and use, please leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading…

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