Stamping tips and tricks!

Following my plea for help, fellow beauty blogger, and nail art master Michelle from Ordinary Misfit sent me a detailed email with her tips and tricks!

Here is the link for her blog Ordinary Misfit Blog which has so many stunning designs!

She was kind enough to allow me to share her tips and tricks on my blog, to help my followers… I have already started trying some of the tips, especially the gift card one! I love it! I have a Guess one that was too pretty to throw away, so it is now part of my stamping kit 🙂

So, here are some of her tips…

I don’t use the scraper that comes with the set. Mine was/is metal and I find that I can’t scrape it properly on a metal plate without either scratching it or scraping off too much polish. I now use a plastic gift card or bank card. I actually have a Pavilion gift card I now use and works like a charm. I find it scrapes enough polish off but doesn’t take the polish out of the design.

I also keep the card at a bit of an angle. This seemed to help quite a bit.

Picking up the image. I usually end up pressing straight down and lifting straight up. Some people recommend a rolling motion but I prefer to just press and pick up. This prevents smudging. The only exception is is the image is too big for the stamper. In which case it doesn’t really matter 🙂

Transferring the image to your nail. Here I use the rolling motion. I line up the image by using the one side of the nail as a guide. (If it is a full image design I line up the edge to the edge of my nail. If it is a single image I use the side of my nail to guide to get it where I want it to go.) I then press the stamper onto my nail and in one motion roll it over my nail. This does take a few practice runs but once you get the hang of it you will just get it and never struggle again.

Another trick is the polish. Not any and every polish will be suitable for stamping. At Dischem, essence sells stampy polish. They work like a charm. Sinful colours black and white also work really well. Tip Top Armour plate or Aluminium work great. Essence – Fame Fatal is also great. You will need a polish that is a little thicker (not always) and also completely opaque in one coat. Once you have a few that work great you will quickly realise what it takes. I actually try quite a few of my polishes every now and then. Sometimes they will surprise you 😉

Here is her post about stamping:

Thank You Michelle!

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