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I have a slight obsession with The Body Shop, as you can see below. These are the products that I currently have at home, I’m using some, and some are still unopened, story of my life!

Lets start with the body butters! I love the Moringa one, it has the most amazing smell that lingers on your skin. The Strawberry butter smells like those Tinkerbell cosmetics I used to use when I was young, I wonder if they even still make those for little girls? Next is the Vanilla duo, there is one side for dry skin, and one side for normal skin. Its a really nice idea, I use the dry side for my feet and hands and elbows, it is a much thicker butter than the normal side. It smells amazing too, like something I would want to eat! All the body butters leave a slight sheen on your skin, which makes it glow, love it.

Next is the soap, body polish and shower gel, all in strawberry, I love using an entire range together, it enhances the smell. The body polish, is a mild body exfoliator, it doesn’t give much of a scrub, but it still makes your skin feel great. The soap is not drying at all, which is really important to me, I hate that tight feeling some soaps give. And the shower gel is great too.

Ginger exfoliator, this was a limited edition a while ago, and I still haven’t opened. The exfoliator is rougher than the polish, but still doesn’t offer that much grit. It smells great though, and does smooth the skin.

Body oil, hair oil and face oil… The oil from the body shop can be used everywhere, from face, body to hair. I found the Moringa scent in the oil too strong, even though I love it in the body butter, so I opted for the shea oil instead. The oil is not greasy at all, and is quickly absorbed and is extremely moisturising. It is good for your hair too, and smooths fly-aways.

Cottonseed curl hair treatment, I have wavy hair, so I purchased this curl enhancing treatment, I put it on after I’ve washed and conditioned my hair. It makes my hair feel extremely soft.

Mango lip butter, black eye liner and honey bronzer. The lip butter is not very moisturising, it smells great, but doesn’t do much for my lips. The eye liner is very long lasting, and highly pigmented which I love. The honey bronzer is amazing! I usually highlight and contour, and find that instead of powder bronzer, I can use this. It gives more of a glowy look, which I love, especially in winter.

Last, but definitely not least is the vitamin c microdermabrasion! I absolutely love love love this product. After I use it, my skin looks and feels more radiant and bright. The grit is very fine, and amazing, it does such a great job. If I had to recommend an exfoliator I would choose this. It gives results so close to a microdermabrasion treatment at a salon!

Their winter sale may still be on, so get shopping!

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