DMK Medi Pedi at Sorbet Greenstone

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to experience a DMK Medi Pedi at Sorbet in Greenstone Shopping Centre. This was my second treatment at this Sorbet branch. My first was the Dermalogica Ion-Active Treatment, which you may already have read about, if not, what are you waiting for?


First of all, let me warn you, there will be an abundance of feet, seeing as this is a foot treatment review. So, if feet do not tickle your fancy, how about catching up on my latest Beauty Edit or read about the Skincare Benefits of Vitamin C?

Now that we have all the pleasantries out of the way, let’s move on to the treatment.

DMK Medi Pedi wants to give you back your baby feet! Soften callouses, corns, cracked heels or rough dry skin build-up on your feet with this treatment. It guarantees amazing results in just one treatment leaving the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet smooth and soft.

DMK MEDI PEDI sorbet greenstone

1) We started off with Lindy  asking me what my concerns were, of which I had no specific concerns, I just wanted Baby Soft Feet!

2) Since I didn’t have any dry spots on the tops of my feet, they were coated with Vaseline to protect the skin.

3) Then, an alkaline wash was used to remove the dead skin, instead of a file. Once this wash starts getting dry, it is rubbed off and it removes all the dead skin cells.

4) Then rinse and wash.

DMK MEDI PEDI sorbet greenstone

5) A neutraliser is then added, and left on for 6 minutes. While neutralising my nails were filed and buffed.

6) The neutraliser is then removed with a warm damp towel.

7) Once removed, an oil was massaged to soften the feet, and the callous cream was used over the oil. The callous cream is also a home-care product, used to maintain the softness of the feet after the treatment.

8) My feet were then wrapped in cling wrap and covered in a hot towel to lock in the moisture.

9) My toes were painted while my feet were wrapped. I chose the Sorbet Pro Gel Effect Polish in Make You Blush, and two coats were applied. The Pro Gel is an at-home polish that does not need a base coat, soak off or a UV lamp. Just the colour and top coat, similiar to other at-home gel systems.

dmk medi pedi review

What I love most is that it is a totally non-invasive treatment. It does not use any acids or harsh chemicals or any cutting or other physical method of removing the build-up of hardened, dead skin. There was also no tingling or burning or itching before or after the treatment, as well as no peeling.

The treatment lasts one hour, and should be done once or twice a month. A total of six treatments is recommended for the best results. This is a truly luxurious pedicure, and I left with my feet feeling super soft. You know when you have just put a foot balm on, and then rinse your feet, and it feels as if the water just glides off your feet. Well, up until today, 3 weeks since my treatment, my feet still feel like that when I wash them. Winning!

The price for the DMK Medi Pedi at Sorbet Salons start at R370 without polish, R445 with polish, and R540 for Gelish.

You can check out the details for Sorbet Greenstone here.

This is definitely a treatment I would treat myself to every couple of months, especially after Winter! Have you tried the DMK Medi Pedi before, or do you want to?

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  1. Nina b

    Nice review! I am very keen to try this. .it seems way more effective than the commercial peel sachets which can cost R110 -300

    1. admin

      Yip, and this doesn’t make your feet peel 🙂 Plus you get a nice foot massage out of it too

  2. R Fourie

    I never tried a Sorbet pedi before.

    In December I had a Bio-Sculpture pedi – total relaxation with soft feet 🙂

    1. admin

      This was also my first pedi at Sorbet, and I was impressed! Ooooh, I have never heard of that before, will look into it.

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