My Nimue Skincare Journey

Nimue Skincare South Africa

Today I am sharing my Nimue Skin Journey with you.

A while ago I was sent an awesome *Nimue starter kit from Rubybox to review. The kit contains everything you need for a basic skincare routine. When I say basic I mean this doesn’t include any extras such as masks, serums, eye cream, etc.

I have been using this kit consistently for about a month and a half now, and I really like the simplicity of it. The kit offers an easy routine and good quality products to get your skin where you want it to be. From cleansing to sunscreen let me share my thoughts with you.

Cleansing Gel: I usually stay away from gel cleansers as I feel they are too drying on my skin, but this one didn’t leave a tight feeling at all. My skin felt cleansed and comfortable.

Conditioner: This post cleansing product helps to rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin. I don’t usually use a toner since I double cleanse, but I do like using this product. At first I didn’t see the point of using gauze, since most of the product ended up on my fingertips since the gauze has holes in, but I then use that same hand to swipe over my face, so it isn’t a total waste. I really like the exfoliating effect of the gauze, as well as the fact that the gauze does not absorb most of the product before it gets to my face like a cotton pad would.

Nimue Conditoner Review

Nimue Day: This day cream is light and moisturising, and it has a bit of a tea tree scent to it. I think this is ideal for oily or combination skin. It feels moisturising without clogging my pores and sitting on top of my skin.

Moisturiser Plus: This night cream paired with the above day cream is the perfect couple! I have combination skin that is dehydrated, so I do need to have slight oil control, but I also have to ensure my skin is hydrated. These two creams worked amazingly well together.

SPF 40: This is the lightest most comfortable sunscreen ever! It feels like a thin face cream and it isn’t rich or tacky or sticky. I have been wearing this every day since I received it, and I know I will finish this to the last drop. I love this product so much it was featured in my March Beauty Favourites. There is also a tinted version which I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Exfoliating Enzyme: I love exfoliating, especially non-physical exfoliating. This product uses fruit enzymes to gently renew skin instead of abrasive micro beads. The part I love most about exfoliating is the instant results, skin is immediately less dull, more refined and more radiant, and this product delivers just that. I use this twice a week and I always follow with a face mask. You can check out my favourite face masks for winter in my Winter Skincare Edit.

Nimue App South Africa

Beside being a leader in Skin Tecnology, Nimue is pretty awesome in the app technology department too. They have developed a skincare app which can recommend a customised Skin Health program, suggest products to suit your skin type as well as give you information and tips to improve your skin. It also allows you to keep a diary of your skins’ progress and log before and after photos, basically your very own personal skincare therapist in an app.

For a list of Nimue Salons and product or app information you can check out the Nimue Website here.

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  1. Nelie Van Vuuren

    I use Nimue but my skin get use to a product and then I got red spots. The vitamin C sometimes help I have a sensitive skin. Lately wrinckles show more than ever. Forehead eye area and around my mouth.

  2. R Fourie

    Why is it that gel cleansers feels so drying on the skin? I experienced that from another product too. ?

    1. admin

      I think gel cleansers are formulated mostly for oily/acne-prone skin, so it is a bit too harsh for sensitive or dry skin types. I much prefer a lotion or balm cleanser! But this one is surprisingly non-drying.

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