Yes I Am by Cacharel

Yes I Am by Cacharel is a new fragrance that not only smells and looks amazing, but also comes with a powerful message. It was created in honour of strong and independant womanhood, a weapon of self-affirmation, a woman taking charge of her own story. Are you this woman?

Yes I Am by Cacharel

This scent is hard to describe, it is a spicy floral, strong but delicate scent, the perfect anomaly. In the same way that women are multifaceted, this scent has different sides that come together to form a magnificent creation, and I love it! It lasts quite long, around the seven hour mark and just spritzing myself with this feels so luxurious. I love the design of the bottle, it’s the perfect accessory for any dressing table.

Yes I Am by Cacharel

Yes the bottle is gorgeous, but one of my concerns when I saw the bottle, was, where is the lid? This could easily mess or spray in my bag, but luckily, it comes with a handy travel cap, so there is no spillage here! Also, how perfect does it look next to the Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in Caprice?

Yes I Am…

Yes I am Strong

Yes I am Kind

Yes I am Opinionated

What Are You???

Yes I Am by Cacharel is available now in store and online.

*Press Sample

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  1. Alice Spake

    That is such a cool bottle! I have a Cacharel fragrance, the classic floral one xx

  2. Terri Heckley

    That bottle is so stunning! x

  3. Brooke Nicole Clarke

    I can’t get over the bottle design! x

    Brooke |

  4. Lady Writes

    I bet this smells absolutely lovely and I love the design! x

  5. Emma

    Brilliant packaging! The fragrance so beautiful too
    Em x

  6. Natasha

    Love these photos, and the scent sounds gorgeous!

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