Thailand 2012

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Bangkok Kanchanaburi The Tiger Temple is a must see. Chiang Mai Chaing Mai is my absolute favourite place in Thailand. It is up north and is the most fun and relaxed place I have ever been to. There are so many activities to do, that even the four days we were there was not enough. We went Zip lining, which was so much fun, and slightly scary. It is called Flight of the Gibbon, and was really well run and exciting. It is not a simple zip line from tree to tree, there are also monkey bridges, platforms to jump…

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Thailand 2011

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Bangkok Have you watched the Hangover movie based in Thailand? Well this is the sky bar from the helicopter scene, it is called Sirocco, and it is on the 63rd floor of Lebua at State Tower. You need to make a booking before you leave for your trip. We had coffee and dessert here, the cinnamon ice-cream is amazing. The waiters seem to take really good photos too! And the view is amazing! If you are animal lovers like we are, you must visit Safari World. We go to at least one zoo or animal place every trip we take.…

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