Thailand 2012


The Tiger Temple is a must see.

Chiang Mai

Chaing Mai is my absolute favourite place in Thailand. It is up north and is the most fun and relaxed place I have ever been to. There are so many activities to do, that even the four days we were there was not enough.

We went Zip lining, which was so much fun, and slightly scary. It is called Flight of the Gibbon, and was really well run and exciting. It is not a simple zip line from tree to tree, there are also monkey bridges, platforms to jump off and poles to slide down from, stairs to climb up, and many more. The tour also included a waterfall, but we didn’t finish in time to go for that, and also a meal, which was quite nice.

We went to the hill tribe villages, which included the long neck people.

A crocodile farm, and yes, that is me sitting on an adult crocodile, in a pit of other adult crocodiles. My boyfriend was busy videoing my braveness (which he calls stupidity) while praying and thinking about what he would tell my family if I get eaten by it. But, I am alive, and live to tell the story!

We went to the snake farm, which was weird, why you are putting a poisonous snake in your mouth is beyond me.

And the monkey farm, which was nice and cute.

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