Thailand 2011


Have you watched the Hangover movie based in Thailand? Well this is the sky bar from the helicopter scene, it is called Sirocco, and it is on the 63rd floor of Lebua at State Tower. You need to make a booking before you leave for your trip. We had coffee and dessert here, the cinnamon ice-cream is amazing. The waiters seem to take really good photos too! And the view is amazing!

If you are animal lovers like we are, you must visit Safari World. We go to at least one zoo or animal place every trip we take. Safari World is a fun outing, and you need to allow a full day. It is a bit of a distance out of Bangkok, but worth it.

You can take photos with Mr Orangutang, how cute is he!

There is an amazing elephant show, where elephants do all sorts of things, like play soccer and paint! They painted these right in front of our eyes. You can buy the paintings too.

After the show, you get to feed the elephants, as well as sit on them or have a quick ride on them. Don’t expect a saddle, there is just a little rope, so hold on tight!

The view from the top of Baiyoke Sky, the highest building in Bangkok! They have a weird place where you can order drinks and have popcorn while loud music blares in the background. Oh, and you have to pay to go to the top, but the view is worth it. And the popcorn is really yummy too!

We travel mostly by Tuk-Tuk, but make sure you say no stops, or they may take you to shops where they get commission from. Also, keep your bags in the middle of the tuk-tuk, because you get some chancers on motorbikes zooming past and grabbing your belongings. Oh, and don’t expect a seat belt, just embrace the ride.

The aquarium at Siam Paragon. Face off between the shark and my boyfriend.

We bought a combo ticket, which included a fish spa treatment, as well as some other activities.


If you are travelling to Krabi I would suggest staying in Aonang. It is close to the beach and all the activities, there are also quite a few good restaurants around the area. If you stay in Krabi Town you will have to travel to the beach everyday.

Yes, my boyfriend and I are bravehearts, and decided to take on 1237 steps at the Tiger Cave Temple. And these are not measly little steps, they are steep, high steps, with slightly aggressive monkeys on the railings, who will not let you hold on even if you are about to fall over from heat and exhaustion.

And we made it!

It is really really high up! The view is breathtaking, and so is the climb! Take a good rest at the top, because going down is just as intense. It is a nice activity to do for active travellers, remember to wear comfy shoes.

The tour that took us to the steps included lunch and three other activities:

Elephant trekking through the jungle.

What an amazing view from the top of the elephant.

The hot springs, which are natural pools of hot water. The rocks are smooth, and it is a great place to relax and rewind.

And the last stop was the Emerald Pool. There are a few different pools, but this is the only one you can swim in. The others have quick sand! The water is warm, and crystal clear. There are a few little fish in it too.

The beautiful Maya Bay, part of the Phi-Phi Island tour. You can take this boat trip from both Krabi and Phuket. Snorkle in the clear water, feed the fish, and enjoy the view. My boyfriend decided that instead of giving the fish food from his hand, he would prefer to throw the food at me… Not Cool! Since the fish then started nibbling at me…

And if you can’t swim, no worries, just wear a life jacket, put on the snorkels, and float while you look at the deep blue sea!

Another must see in Krabi(which you can also do from Phuket) is the sunset boat tour. This tour includes snorkelling and Chicken Island. Take some warm clothes for this, as well as a rain coat, because you do get splashed on the boat, and when you are out at sea at night it can get pretty cold.

It also includes watching the sunset with your loved one 🙂 Except my loved one is taking photos of me 😛

A relaxing fish braai on the island below. As well as watching a million bats fly around.

And lastly and definitely the best part, is swimming with the glowing plankton. I found this picture below on Tripadvisor. You too can have your Life of Pi moment. Just jump into the dark ocean, wave your arms and legs around, and watch the plankton glow around you!

The pictures below I found while searching on Google.

Little massage hut on Aonang Beach

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