October Beauty Favourites!

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Today I am sharing my October Beauty Favourites with you... It was really difficult to choose only a few favourites this month, but I finally settled on these 9. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is not a cult product for no reason! Use this on cuticles, lips, dry patches, basically anywhere. I even like to use it on the top of my cheekbones for a dewy no makeup look. I have been using this on my lips and I am loving it! The *L'Oreal Miss Hippie Mascara gives me such full wispy lashes, I just can't get enough! I feel…

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July First Impressions

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Today I am sharing my July First Impressions with you... This *Lux Sheer Twilight Body Wash smells amazing, if there was a body cream and fragrance I would jump at it. I even bought a backup, just in case it disappears soon, as all good things do! This is my favourite scent of the bunch, although there are two others that smell pretty nice too. The Human + Kind Family Remedy Cream is a saviour, it can be used for anything, but I am loving it for dry skin recently. It has a sweet citrus/lemon scent, maybe like a mojito,…

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July Beauty Favourites!

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Today I am sharing my July Beauty Favourites with you... and I have a few empties to share too. I bought this Gatsby Nano Million Scrub overseas, but I have seen a couple of Gatsby products at Dischem. I love this scrub, even though it is aimed at men! The grit is so fine, and it leaves my skin looking and feeling smoother and more refined without being too harsh. It has a fresh scent, and if you are a fan of fine but intense exfoliating, then you will love this. The grain reminds me a bit of The Body…

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