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Hi Ladies

Today on Shop My Stash I have three products from MAC, all LE!


First up, Sharon Osbourne Blush in Peaches and Cream, when I initially saw this blush I thought it was going to be way too light for me, but I actually love it! It is a very soft pink which gives a flushed and healthy look, as if I have just run a mile in high heels!

Next up, Archie’s Girls Pearlmatte Face Powder in Flatter Me. This is an amazing product, a gold/peach highlighter with built in coral heart blushes! The highlighter is MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl, and the blush is MAC Powder Blush in Foolish Me. I love the idea of having the highlighter and blush together, where you can either use them seperately or together. And how cute is it, I must admit I didn’t want to use it and spoil the design!

Lastly, I have the Casual Color Pot from the Playland Collection in Hi Jinks! I have only used this on my lips so far, it was a bit drying, but I love the colour! Your lips definitely have to be in perfect condition, because it will emphasise any dryness. It is important to layer your lips with a moisturising balm first before applying this. I am yet to try it on my cheeks, I tend to stay away from cream blush in summer as I feel it is just too hot and I find powders stay longer, but I will be trying it soon!


Unfortunately nothing for the blog sale today ladies, but there are still some other items, so have a look here

While I was overseas and going crazy buying beauty products I didn’t forget about you guys! I bought an extra of two products which aren’t available in SA, and I will be putting them on my blog sale sometime soon. Have a look at my haul here, can you guess which two items I bought extra of?

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