Dupe or No Dupe: MAC vs. Essence

Hi Ladies

Today I have a possible dupe for the LE MAC Ombre Blush in Azalea Blossom, and it is as affordable as can be! It is from an Essence Trend edition called ‘Rock Out’, and is currently in store. To find out more about the collection click here.

Essence Multicolour Blush in Global Icon is not ombre, but it does have two shades similiar to MAC as you can see above. The lightest shade of the Essence Blush throws the dupe off a bit, but lets continue with the swatching. The Essence blush was about R63 I think, so it is totally affordable!

As you can see in natural light the swatches are similiar, with Essence being slightly more shimmery. I tried to avoid the lightest shade when swatching, so that we could compare like with like.

In artificial light the shimmer shines through, and we can really see a huge difference in the two. The lightest shade has the most shimmer (which I tried to avoid), but the other two shades are still way more shimmery than the MAC.

And so… Dupe or No Dupe?

Packaging- Nope

Colour- Dupe in natural light

Finish- Nope, shimmer vs matte

I don’t think this is a very good dupe. The colours are pretty similiar if you are sticking to natural light though. So maybe half a dupe? I do like both blushes though, and I definitely think the Essence blush is a good buy.

What do you think ladies?

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