September Favourites!

I tried a few new products in September, and I really loved them.

First up, the Warming Mineral Mask from The Body Shop. I tried this for the first time last week, and I love it! It says apply to wet skin, which I did, but I think it is important to apply with dry hands, or else the product gets stuck to your hands and won’t easily be transferred to your face. As soon as you apply the mask you feel a warm sensation, it doesn’t get hot, but it definitely is warm. It is quite a thick mask, and it was a bit hard to squeeze out the tube, I would have preferred it in a tub. Now, for the results. As soon as I removed the mask my skin looked clearer, smoother, and just all round better.The warmth of the mask helps open pores for deeper cleansing, and I really felt this mask lived up to its claims. It is for all skin types, and I suggest you all give it a try!

Next up, Lipidol Cleansing Oil. Everyone and their sisters were trying these new products available at Clicks, and I needed to also. So, I bought myself five out of the six products available (didn’t get the shaving oil one) for R79.95 each, why not! This cleansing oil is a thin oil that you apply to a dry face and massage in, the oil binds with dirt and makeup. You then add a little water and massage some more, and the oil turns a milky colour, you then rinse off. Since I have been having dry skin issues, I really liked this cleanser, as it didn’t make my face feel dry at all. My face felt super clean, but without that tight feeling.It has a fresh, light scent, and the packaging is minimal, but practical. I love this for the first step of my nightly double cleanse routine.

LA Girl 3D Effects. This colour is called Dazzling Pink, and it is from the 3D Effects range. I bought the entire range that was available at Dischem, and I am loving them.They dry quickly, last long and the effects are stunning. You can check out my post on some of these colours, here and here

Trichotin Hair Regenesis, these supplements help my hair and skin so much. My hair is pretty thick, but I usually have major fallout in the shower, and these supplements significantly reduce it. And even though this is primarily a supplement for hair, the skin benefits are amazing. My skin is clearer and more radiant. I use this daily as a multivitamin. You can check out Trichotin here

LA Girl Glide Eyeliner. The more LA Girl products I try, the more I love them! They are so afforable and the quality is great. This black eyeliner is super pigmented, and has a slight sparkle to it. It is a gel eyeliner and applies so smoothly, and it is really soft, so it is great for the waterline. It also doesn’t smudge. My first stop at Dischem is the LA Girl section, I always find something new that I need. This has become my favourite and most used eyeliner.

Revlon Lacquer Balm in Demure. I love this balm, it works layered over any lip colour, or even on its own. It gives a glossy light pink look to the lips, with a slight shimmer. It smells minty and doesn’t dry out my lips, which is a win for me!

What were your favourites in September!

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