Mani Monday with LA Girl 3D Effects in Black Illusion!

I waited really really long for this collection to come to SA after seeing swatches of them.

This is how LA Girl describes this range:

3D Effects Hologram nail polish is made up of tiny holographic particles that create a spectacular 3D effect when applied to nails. Complemented by the vibrant colors available in this collection, these iridescent specks glisten and gleam, giving nails a brilliant holographic look.

The collection has a total of eight colours, of which I got all!

This one is called Black Illusion, and is just stunning, it is a glossy black with what looks like gold dust in it. I love how easy it is to get interesting looking nails these days. This polish is extremely smooth, and two coats is perfection. It dries quickly too.

Have you gotten your hands on any of these yet?

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  1. Dis-Chem

    Your nails look stunning! Thank you for a great review 🙂

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