New Maybelline Beauty Launches

This post on the New Maybelline Beauty Launches was meant to go out ages ago, but I have had such a backlog of posts to get through, and I am still not there yet. But, let’s not delay any further, shall we?

Maybelline recently launched a whole bunch of new products, and the ones I most wanted to get my hands on were the Master Strobing Sticks and the Super Stay 24 Setting Spray. The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette was also an exciting new launch that the international beauty community was raving about and it is now available in South Africa.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches

Let’s start with the bright and bold *Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipsticks. This new range with “Hypercolor pigments and an opaque, creamy clay base” claims to deliver one-stroke intensity. All of the shades I tried were fully opaque, although the darker shades took more than one swipe to get there. The formula is smooth and creamy and doesn’t tug at the lips, and it feels really lightweight too.

The finishes are either Bold or Matte, and I got two of each to review. From L-R below: Fiery Fuschia Matte, Orange Danger Bold, Midnight Merlot Bold and Berry Bossy Matte. My favourite is definitely Orange Danger, I am a huge fan of orange lips.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Colorsensational Lipsticks

You can see the swatches below, how gorgeous!

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Strobe Swatches

Next up, the *Master Strobing Sticks. There are three variations, Light Iridescent, Medium Nude Glow and Dark Gold. My favourite is Nude Glow, a perfect champagne hued highlighter. I like to apply these with a brush so that I don’t shift my foundation, and I also think it is more hygienic. These also work amazingly well layered underneath a powder highlighter to boost that glow. You can see how stunning they are from the swatches above.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Master Strobing

Next up, the *Super Stay 24 Makeup-Locking Setting Spray and *Makeup Extending Primer. I used both of these products before going to BOUNCE, and let me say afterwards my makeup looked just as good as it was before we started jumping, so they work.

The primer is very lightweight and on the runny side, not at all like a silicone blurring primer. I don’t think this is ideal for drier skin types, as it did emphasise a few of my dry patches. But if your skin is dry, you wouldn’t have much of a problem with your makeup disappearing, so you wouldn’t need this anyway. This doesn’t blur or perfect skin, but is specifically to extend the wear time of your makeup.

The setting spray does a really good job at keeping makeup in place, even without the primer. It is important though to shake it really well, and spray from quite a distance. It does have a slightly tight feeling while drying, but that disappears quickly. This has become my go to in warm weather when I have a busy day or night ahead of me.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Setting Spray Review

Next up is this odd looking brow product, the *Brow Precise Fiber Filler. I have this annoying bald patch on my right eyebrow (which has nearly filled up thanks to the hair supplements I am using) and have always had to use a brow pencil to fill it, and then a brow gel to keep everything in place. Recently I have just been using this product, and it does a good job of making my brows look full but natural. The colour is also very natural looking on my brows, and doesn’t give that filled, flat, one-dimensional look.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Brow Precise

It has a weird applicator with short bristles and tiny fibers that coat existing hairs making them look fuller. It took a while to not end up with product all over my skin and brows, but now that I have the hang of it, I love this! You can see the little fibers below. Just remember to remove the excess product from the wand before applying, else you will make a royal mess.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Brow Precise

Lastly, another weird looking product is the *Falsies Push Up Angel Mascara. When I first saw this, I thought there was no way this tiny wand was going to do anything to my lashes. But it did, it separated and lifted my lashes so well. I usually apply mascara, and then use an eyelash comb to separate, curl and lift my lashes. But this mascara does it all in one.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Push up Angel Mascara Review

The bristles don’t pick up too much product to overload your lashes and they separate and lift as you apply. I really like the formula and the wand, and I definitely want to keep it after the mascara is finished. Another thing I really like about this mascara is that it is easy to remove, no more losing half your lashes trying to remove mascara.

New Maybelline Beauty Launches Push up Angel Mascara Review

 What do you think of the New Maybelline Beauty Launches? All of the products are already available at Clicks and Dischem and other retailers.

*Press Samples

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  1. Vanessa Christiane

    Another fab review – how weird – my right eyebrow also has a ‘dead patch’ in it – thank goodness for make up which really has evolved over the last few years! I’ve been using both Catrice and essence products for my brows, either the gel/pencil and I also have a clinique sample product that one brushes over the brow area however this Maybelline Product sounds great.

    Those Lipsticks are the bomb!

    And the Strobing Sticks sound fabulous! As I suffer from Psoriasis I try and get as much of a ‘natural look’ not thickly caked make up however some of the red spots are still seen. Would they cover them up do you think??

    As I’ve grown older I’ve found that my top lashes no longer have the length they used to and they’re quite coarse… on my lower lid some of my lashes have fallen out and just have not grown back!

    I’m dying to try false lashes, but not sure I’d manage myself – and Salons are rather expensive to my knowledge?

    Always a great review which explains each product, their uses and results really well! Thank you!

    1. admin

      I like the essence Brow Gel, it works quite well too, but I find the essence one gets onto my skin, whereas this one from Maybelline doesn’t because of the short bristles.

      I think you need a good concealer to cover the spots, as I don’t think a highlighter will do. But it would look great over, to highlight your cheekbones.

  2. Zaahirah

    Love those strobing sticks too. P.S Your photos are looking gorgeous :)

    1. admin

      Yip, they are amazing! Oh, thank you so much! 🙂

  3. R Fourie

    I would love to try the strobing sticks – beautiful.

    1. admin

      They are gorgeous Reonette, really impressed by them!

    1. admin

      They are stunning Candice, thanks for reading

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