New Elizabeth Arden Fragrances for Spring/Summer

Seeing as the weather is playing ball, I thought I would share my thoughts on two New Elizabeth Arden Fragrances for Spring/Summer. Both of these fragrances, although completely different, work so well for the warm weather, and lasted for about five hours on me.

New Elizabeth Arden Fragrances for Spring/Summer

 First up we have the intriguing and interesting *Green Tea Fig Fragrance that just draws me in. It reminds me of the unique scents from brands like Jo Malone and Atelier, only at a more affordable price. Sophisticated, unique and warm are the first words that come to mind. It contains Tonka Bean one of my favourite notes, along with other interesting notes such as Green Tea Accord, Fig Leaves, Tamarind and Pistachio Tree Resin. The fragrance aims to transport you to a rustic countryside ambience full of warmth and laughter, and that it does.

New Elizabeth Arden Fragrances for Spring/Summer Green Tea Fig

Next up we have *Sunflowers Summer Air, a happy, exotic floral scent. This scent captures summer happiness in a bottle, the breeze, the flowers, the beach and the laughter. It contains notes of Jasmine, my absolute favourite, along with the freshness of Lemon and Apple. When I get a whiff of this scent, all I do is smile.

New Elizabeth Arden Fragrances for Spring/Summer Sunflowers Summer Air

Have you tried any of these fragrances before? Aside from loving the scents, I love that the price point of these are affordable at R445 for 100ml.

*Press Sample

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  1. Alice Spake

    Oh what beautiful bottles! I love Elizabeth Arden fragrances xx

  2. Antonia

    I have never tried but they sound really lovely. X

  3. Roxie

    I think I bought Sunflowers and Red Door for my mum’s Christmas years ago but I can’t remember what they smell like!

  4. Cole

    I love these photos so much! xx

  5. Lady Writes

    Oooh I love fresh scents like these for the warmer months of the year x

  6. Annie

    They look lovely. It’s been years since I used anything from them.

  7. Siobhán

    I love the sound of both of these! They make me excited for Spring! xx

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