New Dermalogica Launches + Giveaway

I have been trying a couple of New Dermalogica Launches recently, and today I will be sharing my thoughts on them.

Dermalogica Giveaway

One of my all time favourite cleansers is the Special Cleansing Gel from Dermalogica. So, the new *Intensive Moisture Cleanser had big boots to fill. It is gentle, hydrating and cleanses well, which makes it amazing as a morning or second cleanse, as it leaves my skin so soft and supple. I think it is great for winter and dry climates, and I will definitely be using it to the last drop. But, although I love it, I still prefer the Special Cleansing Gel for my skin type, it gives me a cleaner skin feel without being drying.

Next up I have the luxurious *Intensive Moisture Balance. This moisturiser is formulated to restore the skins barrier and lock in moisture, while still feeling light and non-greasy. I am really enjoying using this at night, it layers well over serums without interfering with any active ingredients, and it feels so silky on the skin. This is also a great cream to mix with retinol to acclimate the skin and reduce irritation, as well as to use post treatment to soothe the skin.

New Dermalogica Launches Review

Last, but definitely not least is the *Prisma Protect SPF30! This has been my go to moisturiser recently, it hydrates, protects skin from the sun and other environmental aggressors, and gives skin a radiant, glowing look. The radiant, glowing look was not imagined by me, but can be credited to light-activated intelligent technology that converts visible light into increased skin radiance, it sounds very sciencey, but it works! The texture is a bit thick straight out of the tube, which makes me feel like my skin is actually being protected from the sun, but it still absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It works well under foundation, or even on it’s own, a do it all product that really does it all!

New Dermalogica Launches Prisma Protect

Have you tried any of these New Dermalogica Launches yet? There is a little giveaway over on my Instagram where you can win one of these products, but hurry, it ends on Saturday!

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  1. Amy

    These all sound delightful! I have recently been using skincare from Dermalogica and have found that I have had such positive results.

  2. Katrina Frances

    I loved using Dermalogica at college, I’d love to try their products again. The moisturiser sounds amazing! x

  3. Gemma

    The Moisturiser sounds lovely, I much prefer ones that don’t leave the skin greasy!

  4. Joanne hardy

    I would love to review these products on my Instagram as I have only ever tried one product the exfoliant x

  5. Georgia Anne

    I love Dermalogica but I haven’t used them in a small while tbh! You’ve motivated me to get back into them haha!

  6. katy gilroy

    I’m dying to try the SPF you know! x

  7. Rosie Ireland

    The Intensive Moisturiser is an incredible miracle product!

  8. Miss Parie Joshi

    I love anything that Dermalogica release, such great quality xx

  9. Erin

    I really like Prisma Protect! I love Dermalogica allround, they are SUCH a good brand!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  10. Rachel

    It has been years since I’ve used anything from Dermalogica but there does seem to have been quite the influx of new products lately x

  11. Siobhán

    I absolutely adore Intensive Moisture Balance moisturiser so I need to try that cleanser too! xx

  12. Candice

    I’ve actually never tried any of their products before

    Candice ||

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