Manicure Monday- Black and Gold

 Who doesn’t love the black and gold combo?

For this mani I used Essence in “Black is Black”

Revlon in “Gold Coin”

and Revolution in “Emerald”

I love this Essence shade, however, I find it didn’t last that long, three days, with a top coat. The colour is great though, super glossy and black.

Gold coin is my staple gold that I end up using as a base for glitters, and just on it’s own. I used gold coin underneath Emerald, and I used it alone for the chevron. It lasts really long, and is one of my favourites!

The name Emerald confuses me slightly, since the colour is gold, not green. It is slightly textured, and quite opaque. I only used one coat, since I used gold coin as a base. But I could use two coats of Emerald with no base coat and it would work perfectly. This lasted longer than the Essence, by a day.

Have a good week ladies!

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