Fancying Friday with New Essence Products!

Effect Eyeshadow

Liquid effects! Now you can conjure-up metallic, holographic or sparkling effects on your eyelids in liquid form. The long-lasting, non-sticky eyeshadows are available in six different colors with different effects: metallic bronze, shimmering beige, shiny rosé-gold, bright apricot, sparkling taupe and holographic green-gold. These sound awesome! I hope we get this here in SA, I would love to try the neutral shades, apricot and green-gold, no thanks. Sorry… Not sorry!

Soo Blush!

Cream to powder blush, this new blush gives your complexion a touch of color for a healthy, fresh look. The creamy texture with a powdery finish practically melts with your skin and is easy to apply and blend with your fingers. Warm pink and fresh apricot are sure to fulfill all wishes. Wish we had these for winter! I love cream blushes for winter, it gives such a lovely glow. These sound promising, hope they live up to my expectations, they are high I might add!

Say NO to Redness/Imperfections/Dark circles – Colour Correcting Concealer.

Say YES – to a flawless complexion! The three new “say NO to…” mini pencils are the perfect solution for any skin problem. The green “say NO to redness” pencil neutralizes redness. “Say NO to dark circles” in rosé covers dark circles under your eyes and the beige pencil “say NO to imperfections” reliably conceals impurities. The soft, powdery texture optimally aligns with every skin type and is easy to blend. How cute are these! I wish there were highlighters like this too!

Nail Art Shake Me! I’m Pretty Top Coat!

Shake it! The name of this top coat says it all. Simply shake the bottle to mix the cool holographic glitter particles with the texture. Apply the top coat over any nail polish for an extra portion of bling. Sounds interesting, I would need to swatch this before I get it, but it sounds pretty cool!

Nail Art Hello Foils! Transfer Solution and Foils

Fabulous foils! These nail foils bring cool graffiti styles straight to your nails in the most fashionable effects – holographic, metallic and glittering. And here’s how it works: apply the transfer solution on your nails and wait for 80-90 seconds. Separate a piece of the foil and press it onto your nail with the shiny side up. Remove the foil again and seal with a top coat – and you’re done! I really want to try this… Although I really wanted to try the paper print, and so I bought, and have never used it… Sigh! But I am still eager!

Nail Art Thermo Nail Polish

This nail polish reacts to outside temperature changes and changes color accordingly: purple-pink turns into light pink, dark red into light red, dark mint green to light mint green and beige to light apricot. And the color-change works the other way around, too. These are similiar to Ruby Wing colour changing polishes, but probably less than half the price. I wish the colour changes were a bit more drastic, but I am interested in trying it nevertheless.

And there you have it! Happy Friday Ladies

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