Mani Monday and Boho Marks!

 A while ago I was sent these stunning metallic tattoos in Saltspring and Gambier from Boho Marks to review. I finally got down to using them, and I love them! I paired them with Essie Licorice, a perfect jet black glossy polish! I love the way it turned out.


They are pretty easy to use. I cut a strip of the design I wanted, and I then cut those into three pieces, and got a bracelet and two rings :) I also used an arrow, but I didn’t place it in the center of my ring finger, so it looks a bit off.

Once you have cut the design, you remove the plastic, and apply the design onto your skin. What I really love is that the design sticks to your skin, so once you have placed it, it stays where you want it to stay until the next step. You then add some water to dampen the back of the tattoo, wait 30 seconds and then remove. I found that once you can see the design through the back of the paper, it is transferred and you can remove the paper. You can also feel it sort of slide off your skin when it is ready.

I love that from one strip I got three pieces that I could use as a bracelet and two rings. This obviously depends on the size of your wrists, and what look you want to achieve.

The tattoos are expected to last 4-6 days, depending on where you put it and how often you shower and apply cream. Unfortunately for me, I am obsessed with hand cream, and I apply it every time I wash my hands. So, this only lasted a day and a half on me, it lasted through countless hand washes, but a shower was the end of it. I suggest you apply this just before your event to avoid disappointment. I also think that if you apply it to a less ‘busy’ body part it is likely to last the 4-6 days. I will try that and report back.

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