June First Impressions

Ladies, today I am sharing my June First Impressions with you, quick reviews of products I have started using in June.

I am a huge fan of the original erborian BB Cream, so I was excited to try the Liquid BB Creme Makeup-Care Cushion Compact in Dore. It has light to medium coverage with a dewy finish. It is a bit warmer than my skin tone, but I can make it work. Unfortunately it does start getting a bit shiny after about six hours, so it does need some setting. The *Clarins Water Lip Stain in Rose Water and Red Water are lovely, they do not budge and leave lips with a pretty stain that looks like I have been sucking on a sweet. Just ensure that you don’t have any dry spots, as it can cling to those. The Benefit GALifornia Blush is just such a pretty happy shade. Thanks Nisa! The Physician’s Formula Super BB InstaReady Filter BB Bronzer is too light for me as a bronzer, but I have been enjoying using it as a face powder with spf benefits. It sets, and perfects the skin without making it look flat. The InstaReady Setting Spray has a good spray radius and mist, and it doesn’t leave a tight dry feeling, but unfortunately it doesn’t extend wear time too much. I am so excited for the new Revlon Color Charge range. The *Liquid Illuminator in Halo is the most beautiful liquid highlighter! The *Color Charge Highlighter is also really pretty, and together they give a blinding highlight! The *Revlon Color Charge Nail polish in Crimson Jelly is a bright apple red shade that I need to get on my nails now! I will have a full review with swatches up soon!

Too Faced Review

I have collected quite a few good sized samples from Too Faced, and so I thought I should put together a post. I absolutely love the Hangover Primer, it really does make my skin look better and I now understand the hype. The Hangover Setting Spray is also pretty impressive. I am in two minds about the Better Than Sex Mascara, sometimes it looks amazing, other times it looks like a clumpy mess! The Lip Injections are okay, I am not a huge fan of plumping products though. Melted Matte Lipstick in Sell Out is amazing, I love the formula, and I definitely need more shades! The Chocolate Soleil bronzer smells like chocolate, isn’t shimmery, and warms the face, so pretty perfect in my opinion. The Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Primer is okay, but I much prefer the Hangover one. But, it is cooling, and does extend the wear time, and I am sure it will be more appreciated in Summer. I will have a full review and swatches up soon.

I have a period post coming up soon on how I try to make the most of that time of the month while staying sane and not killing everyone around me, and I picked out a few products to help me out. I am really enjoying the WoodWick Wax Melts, especially the Linen and Baby Powder scents, Vanilla Bean is a bit too sweet, but I currently have a mix of all three burning, and the comforting scent is lovely! When cramping is unbearable, and some relaxation and unwinding is needed, the *TheraNaka Desert Rose Illuminating Rose Salts are a welcomed treat. They have a wonderful rose scent, make my bath water a shimmering bronze and help calm my mind and body. I have had my eye on cotton pads for a while now, and I finally caved and ordered from Hannahpad. I only use these after the third day, but they are comfortable and unnoticeable. I was worried it would be a mission to wash, but aside from it needing to be washed in cold water which isn’t pleasant in winter, it hasn’t been that bad. Lastly, when you are feeling like a Moody Cow, just embrace it, which is exactly what I am doing with these new *Cowshed products available from Beautiful Age. A combination of Rose Geranium, Linden Blossom and Frankincense makes the Moody Cow range perfect to balance and uplift your mood. Both the Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion have a calming scent and feel amazing on the skin!

I popped into Clicks recently and picked up these two Mixa products, I started using them immediately and I wonder why I took so long to try them. The Anti-Dryness version has a soft baby powder scent and is lighter, but still moisturising. The Intense Repair one is the one I reach for most, it is nourishing and rich, and the perfect winter body cream!

I have been testing a few local body care products recently, and I will have a full post up soon. The Pure Beginnings *Hydrating Body Lotion and *Revitalising Body Wash are amazing! The lotion smells amazing, is light but moisturising and the body wash smells like romantics and is all I have been using in the shower. I also bought the Eco Roll On, and it has definitely helped with the sensitivity under my arms. The *Beaucience Hand Sanitiser and *African Extracts Hand & Nail Cream make great handbag companions. The Hand Sanitiser is definitely a better option than those chemical drying ones! The Cream is quite thin and runny, but moisturises well. Ah Soy Lites, I love using these moisturising candles in winter, Cupid Touch smells amazing, and I love the luxurious warm feeling of applying hot candle wax after a shower. Lastly I have this *Ugandan Shea Butter from Soil, which has saved my feet this winter!

I have also been trying out a few local skincare brands, and I am impressed! I will have a full review of these products, as well as a giveaway soon, but for now here are my first impressions. I am really enjoying the Skin PhD *Mild Foaming Cleanser and *Skin Protect SPF 30. The cleanser doesn’t irritate or strip my skin, but leaves skin clean and comfortable. Unfortunately the pump is a bit tight, but aside from that no issues. The spf is pretty thick and moisturising, and so I use it over a serum without a moisturiser, it smells amazing too! The dr. dermal *MicroRetinol 5 Rich Repair doesn’t tingle or irritate my skin, but I will have to use it for much longer to notice any results. The Dr. Gobac Exfoliating Masque is one of my favourite exfoliating masques, and the results are amazing! Lastly I have the *Glow and *Smooth serums from Boost! I am loving Glow, although I do find it a bit thick and gloopy and the dropper packaging doesn’t seem ideal. Smooth is a clear liquid that works perfectly with a dropper, and has definitely helped with dry skin and texture.

My fourth treatment at Skin Renewal Bedfordview was the Radiance Peel, which I spoke about here.

June First Impressions

Thanks for reading ladies! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram.

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  1. Sincerely Sarah

    So many good products in this post! Loving all of the Too Faced and Mixa goodies.

  2. Alice Fairweather

    I’m yet to try two-faced, these products sound right up my street though! x

  3. Lauren

    I love Too Faced. The setting spray and hangover primer are my faves! I am keen to try the bronzer out next x

  4. Sarah

    those cowshed products sound amazing

  5. Issy Belle Fox

    Totally agree about the Better than Sex mascara, why is it so hit and miss!

  6. Alice Spake

    I really like Cowshed products too! Always leave my skin feeling fab and the essentials oils make me so relaxed xx

  7. Gemma Louise

    The Too Faced samples are so cute, going to have to pick myself up some! x

  8. Kelly-Anne

    Oooh these look good. That clarins wayee lip stain looks so lovely, I’ll have to add that into my wish list for holidays!

  9. shelley

    I really want to try more too faced products

  10. Beky

    I’ve wanted to try Cowshed and The better than sex mascara for so long – when I’m back rolling in the money (lol) I’m gonna have to pick myself up some finally!

  11. Sharon

    Omg I shouldn’t have looked because now I want everything hahaha

  12. Maisie

    I keep meaning to try the better than sex mascara! Although until now I’d only heard great things about it! x

  13. Rosie

    Have all of your photos just gone a whole next level again or what?! Wow! Your snaps are literally more goals than ever. Also I find whatever you recommend I alwahs go and buy literally straight away!

  14. Lady Writes

    I’m a big fan of the Too Faced mascaras and want to try the waterproof version on holiday x

  15. Annie Qadeer

    You’ve tried so many amazing products! I do love Too Faced x

  16. Beautylymin

    I love the Mixa body lotions but haven’t seen the cream versions – they would be ideal for winter! xx

    Beautylymin| ImageSkincareBundleGiveaway

  17. Erin

    The Mixa products look really good, I know so many people who have been loving them recently and I need to try them out more.

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  18. R Fourie

    Everyone is talking about Mixa !!

    1. admin

      Yep! There are quite a few sponsored posts around, but having bought these, I can confirm what they are saying! Amazing!

  19. Nisa

    OMG you finally tried it YAY!!! It’s only a pleasure, it’s one of my fave everyday shades too

  20. Candice

    I have really been enjoying Mixa skincare

    Candice | Natalya Amour

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