Happy Wedgeday Ladies!

 Today feels like a Tuesday and a Friday all in one!

Monday was a public holiday, and so is tomorrow! Yippee!

As I said in one of my previous wedge posts, I am trying to get through all my summer wedges, before winter hits us with full force.

So, here is a summer wedge I bought from Legit. I like the pink and brown combo, and it is really comfy! I would wear this with a summer dress. I think I have worn this wedge once, last summer, and unfortunately not this summer… Sigh!

Legit Wedge Heels

I had quite a productive afternoon, as you can see. I moved all my heeled sandals to my spare room, and moved my heeled boots into my shoe closet. That is the reason this post is late. 🙂

Have a lovely day, and have a lovely public holiday for all those in SA!

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