Fancying Friday-Onesie Love

Winter is on its way, and the days and nights are getting colder and colder, enter the ONESIE!

I already have four, but I find them so warm and comfy, so I am stocking up.

cow print onesie ackermans

ackermans onesie

crocodile onesie Image 1

Adult Onesies Size S-XXL R170 (and yes, the last two are mens!)

leopard onesie Image 1

Panda onesie Image 1

zebra onesie Image 1

Kids Size 7-14 R140(Luckily I am short enough to fit into a 13-14, so I might just get the top two!)

zebra onesie Image 1

2-7 years R120

cow onesie Image 1

3-24 months R89(How adorable is this! I might just get one for my future kid!)

Get yourself down to Ackermans to get your Onesie on!

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