Fancying Friday with Legit

I love Legit! If you follow my blog and social media, you will see many buys from Legit. They are affordable, and oh so trendy!

Below are some of my must haves, and most of them I do have. (I couldn’t wait, I just had to get me some)

Taupe boots

I love this boot, and immediately snatched it up! The buckles, the different textures, amazing, and for R400, yes please!

Colour-block sandals

How stunning are these sandals? Monochrome is always in, add a gold heel, and I am sold! And yes, I snatched this up too, for only R250

Black courts with gold toecap

Which lady doesn’t need a black and gold heel in their closet? Need I say more? I didn’t get this one, I thought I should restrain myself. R230

Chestnut rider boots

I love flat rider boots for winter, the colour of this boot is amazing, the picture doesn’t show it well enough, best go in store and have a look. I got these too, they are super comfy, and R400!

Black chain dress

This dress is amazing, if you have an event coming up, you need to get yourself this dress! R330

What is your favourite item?

Have a lovely weekend! Better enjoy this weekend, since all the public holidays and mid week breaks are over… Sigh…

Pictures were taken from the Legit website.

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