2nd Love Cream Blush

On a recent trip to Dischem, I came across these cream blush sticks. Unfortunately they don’t have testers, so I bought three that looked most suitable to me. There are six shades, which are listed below:

1) Flutter-Light Pink

2) Preppy-Coral

3) Bashful-Orange

4) Catalina- Peach

5) Lavish- Raspberry

6) Toffee-Brown

2nd love cosmetics south africa

Above are the three I chose, Preppy, Bashful and Catalina.

The first set of swatches are unblended, and then the second picture is blended in. I am quite a fan of cream blush, and these look promising. I am eager to get the Toffee shade too, for contouring. The blush stick is R30 each, and quite worth it. The colour is quite pigmented, and you can blend it out to soften the look. I applied it directly to my cheeks, and then blended with my fingers.

You can check out their website here. Dischem is not stocking all their products, but they do have quite a few on their shelves.

Below is some more information from the website.

Quick Stick Cream Blush is a roll up stick blush that has a creamy texture.

Unlike your usual powder blush, cream blushes can be applied and blended into the skin with a more luminous finish.

How to use:

1. You can use a brush to dab some color on the cheeks and blend or apply the stick directly to the apples of the cheeks and blend in the color with your fingers.

2. Generally applying to the apples of the cheeks with your fingertips will help the cream go on more naturally because the warmth of your hand in circular motions will help the color distribute evenly on the cheeks.

Happy Blushing!

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