essie gel•setter 3D Pop Tint Review

Remember I said in my review of the essie Luxe Effects range, that I had one last nail launch to share with you. Well, here it is, my essie gel•setter 3D Pop Tint Review. Also, I lied, as I have since received the essie Winter 2017 collection, so I will be sharing that launch shortly too.

essie gel•setter 3D Pop Tint Review

The *essie 3D Pop Tint not only has the original glossy and long-lasting gel setter formula, but also has color pigments to elevate the shine and shade of your manicure. There are three Pop Tint shades available, pink- inflight delight, blue- birds eye blue and purple- royal sky service.

essie gel•setter 3D Pop Tint Review

Each shade is best paired with specific colours to make it pop, as mentioned on the box. The pink one, inflight delight is best layered over pinks, neutrals or corals, so I chose Van D’Go, which is a pinky coral.

essie van d go

Above you can see two coats of Van D’Go.

essie gel•setter 3D Pop Tint Review

I then added the 3D Pop Tint as a topcoat. As you can see the colour is way more intense, unfortunately you can’t see how glossy it turned out.

essie disco doll swatch

I then added some glitter to the tips, using *Disco Doll from the essie Luxe Effects 2017 collection.

The essie gel•setter 3D Pop Tints are available now for a limited time only.

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    Beautiful shade 🙂

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