Essence and Catrice Preview

I am a huge fan of good quality and affordable beauty products.

Essence and Catrice have amazing collections of all beauty products, lips, eyes, nails, you name it. Their limited edition products are great too, and stay on trend with bigger, more expensive brands.

I have selected a few of my favourite products from the upcoming collections. They are meant to be available from February 2014. But in South Africa who knows when we will actually have them. Sigh…

Let’s hope Clicks and Dischem can bring them in ASAP!

 CATRICE Crushed Crystals Nail Polishes

The new Crushed Crystals offer a brilliant and sandy finish. There are six shades with high coverage ranging from taupe and rosé gold to classic red, pink and coral. The fine crystals cover your nails like diamond dust, and I cannot wait to try this!

ESSENCE Quick & Easy Sponge Nail Polish Remover

The practical, acetone-free “dip-in” nail polish remover with an integrated black sponge removes nail polish easily. I love this, I currently use the Bourjois one, so would definitely give this a try! My Bourjois one is full of glitter and every other textured nail polish and needs replacing!

ESSENCE Nail Candies

The new nail candies won’t just make your nails shine in seven of the most gorgeous pastel shades like apricot, rosé or pistachio, but also offer six pampering benefits. The nail polishes also harden nails, protect your nails from daily demands, even out irregularities, have a fruity scent, dry fast and give your nails a high-shine finish.

ESSENCE How to Make Your Face Wow Make-up Box

I really hope we get this, the brow set, and the nude eye set! It seems very Benefit like to me, and since we don’t get many Benefit products here in South Africa, these would be ideal, and also at a tenth of the price! With the products in the how to make face wow make-up box, you can put your face in the right light with: a subtle, shimmering highlighter, a bronzing powder as well as two blushes in both pink and orange. This fantastic box also includes an integrated mirror and a styling card with a “how to” make-up guide for guaranteed calls of wow!

ESSENCE How to Make Brows Wow Make-up Box

The how to make brows wow make-up box contains everything you need for getting your brows into shape, three different colour eyebrow powders, a highlighter powder, an applicator and mini tweezers. Including a mirror and a styling card, the cute box guarantees beautiful eyebrows and thanks to the step-by-step instructions, it’s ideal for beginners, too!

ESSENCE How to Make Nude Eyes Make-up Box

I am not a huge eyeshadow fan, especially not bright and daring looks. I prefer nudes, eyeliner and mascara, and an ocassional smokey eye. (Which there is a set for too!) This unique how to make nude eyes make-up box contains six different eyeshadow colours, one applicator and a styling card with helpful step-by-step instructions for both a classic nude look and a cool daring look. This palette is so versatile, and can even be used to create a smokey eye.

ESSENCE Blush Up Powder Blush

The silky, semi-translucent texture with subtle coverage gives your cheeks a gorgeous, fresh look. The blush with the innovative color gradient is available in two color combinations, the orange look above, and a pink palette, with different shades of pink.

ESSENCE 3D Eyeshadow

I am all for multi-taskers, and when I see shadows like this, my mind immediately thinks this could work as a blush/bronzer, similiar to Stila’s countless colour pigment in Encore, which I also use as a bronzer/contourer. The shadow goes from satin to metallic to shimmering upon application and are available in nine colours. Applied moist, the 3D duo eyeshadow guarantees even more intense results.

ESSENCE Effect Nail Polish

Effects like glitter jewels, sugar, metallic, sparkling or jeans style, a holographic shimmer and polka dots combined with bright colors like rose, turquoise, blue, pink or grey-black conjure-up unique nail styles. 

The nail polishes offer great coverage and are super easy to apply for a 3D wow-manicure! Available in 14 colours with four different effects. This is really exciting for me!

What are you eager to try out?

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