Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection

Today I want to share the beauty that is the Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection. Inspired by A Summer in the Tropics, this Limited Edition collection of a bronzer and blush compact, metallic eye pencils, and a warm toned eyeshadow palette really transports you to an exotic island getaway. Just the packaging alone with the leafy prints is enough to make me long for sunny blue skies, soft white sand and palm trees.

Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection

I received three of the four Limited Edition products from this *collection, but my favourite is the Bronzing and Blush Compact, by far!

Clarins Sunkissed Summer Collection Limited Edition

The Bronzing and Blush Compact has a leaf embossed tiered design reminiscent of a setting sun. I have used it quite a few times and thankfully the embossing is still as good as new. There are three warm luminous matte bronze shades ranging from light to medium/dark, and a shimmering coral blush. When swirled together it warms my face and gives a radiant sunkissed glow. The bronzer and blush can also be used individually, but the swirl is my favourite way to use it.

The powder contains an anti-pollution complex, to defend the skin against the harmful effects of pollution and free radicals. It also forms a film on the skin to reduce moisture loss so the skin remains hydrated.

Clarins Summer Limited Edition Tropical Bronzer Swatches

The 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette with the matte beige, shimmery gold, orange and brown shades complete the sunkissed look. Unfortunately the matte beige doesn’t show up in the swatches below, but on my lids it works as a great base for the other shades. This palette can be used for either a minimal or intense eye look, depending on your preference. I love using the shimmery gold on the inner corners of my eyes, the orange in the center, and the brown along my lashes and on the outer edge.

There are also two Waterproof Eye Pencils in the collection, one gold, and one copper (swatched below). The pencil is super pigmented, smooth to apply and doesn’t drag at the skin. It can be used along the waterline to brighten up the eyes, which is my favourite way to use it, or it can be used on the upper lash line for a stunning metallic accent. It also blends really well, but be quick, because once it sets, it is there to stay.

Clarins Summer Limited Edition Tropical Swatches

How beautiful is this collection? To be honest, I didn’t even want to touch the Bronzing and Blush Compact because it is just so gorgeous!

If you checked out my August Beauty Haul, you would have seen I bought a few Clarins Foundations recently. I think the Skin Detox Fluid is going to be perfect this summer!

Clarins Foundation

*Press Sample

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  1. Simone

    That copper liner and the bronze compact….oh wow…must have!!
    As always, your pictures are gorgeous…today they are taking me to some sunny island where I will sit around looking like a bronzed goddess. lol.

    1. admin

      The bronzer is gorgeous! I can’t get enough of it, been using it almost daily! Thank you. Haha yup, I wish I was on some island relaxing. But for now the bronzer will have to do 😉

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